What is the cheapest DIY build that is functional?

I’m curious what you’ve seen or have built that hit the sweet spot where you consider the build successful and functional with a satisfying total cost.

About 1200 usd for my build.

Fanatic Board 20,- cuttet
6384 Outrunner. 50,-
ESC 150A Flycolor 60,-
Remote 30,-
Mast and Wings from Liquid Force 400,-
Akku 2x 6s12Ah

Flatable Board Mala 600,-


Mala board is 800eur now, and i guess the wing set was a used one?

800€, who said that?

The owner of mala boards :grinning:
You bought prototypes at reduced price (i guess)

Yes, I bought the prototype.
But the price for 800€ is the Carbon version, it is my information!

I specifically asked for the cheapest mala board so it’s not the carbon version.

Was that with the insert or without?

I asked only for the board.

No, wingset was new…
And Mala Board only CFK are 600,-
With CFK 800,-

I don’t think so, i was askimg for cheapest possible.

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I know he sell theme some months ago for 600€ for the not Carbon version.

Where did you buy it? I’m looking for a cheap foil.

Are you still looking? I thought you’d bought one from China?

No, corona is stopping me from buying. New restrictions might affect me so i’ll be waiting until i know i won’t be needing the funds.

In the meantime i’m trying to find the best options.

There’s no minimum quantity on production for my design, so you are always welcome to give me a shout. The only issue is whether the factory will be busy or not. I should get a thread together and gauge interest to see if enough guys would put in a purchase to do a decent size production run…

Hi seafoil

Did you consider building it yourself? I did my carbon board myself total cost around 335 CHF (without grip pad) if you just use glass you could safe another 100 buggs…

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Exactly - I’m trying to understand what it would cost for me in money/time/effort to assemble a satisfactory build. I’ve seen plenty of tech talk, but not much total cost unless I really dig for it. Prices are continuing lower for complete commercial builds as well. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Good idea. What’s the price of single board? Assuming it would be a little cheaper with quantity. Also would want to know order to delivery time as well.