Where to buy a board

Does anyone know where I could buy a board only?
I saw a thread about an Aliexpress order but that did not end well since the quality was bad.

I found this from Waydoo but it doesn’t even mention anything about board volume and dimensions:

From the KS page for the One EPP foam, should be the same…

This would be an interesting approach to the DIY foil. N one has used the Waydoo board for one yet.
Another option would be to use a company called Sifly. They also do an EPP board but with slightly better dimensions and looks and a more standard hatch. The only thing is that they are still in a preorder state I think.

It is not usable “as is” since the mast plate pattern is proprietary: you cannot mount a 90x165mm plate (the plate 2023 standard) under the Waydoo board. In addition, the 40x40mm hole between the battery box and the board bottom has been designed to accomodate the proprietary Waydoo unique 40x40mm mast to battery connector. A useless board if you don’t have a Waydoo foil !

Sad news, the SiFLY mast plate looks inspired by Waydoo and thus proprietary too ! Too bad, both the Waydoo and the Sifly boards (1300€ + 300€ shpg in EU) cost roughly the same price.

Can sbdy trace the charger manufacturer ? Saw it 2-3 yrs ago on the forum… :thinking:

The best bet could be… a DiY one, you buy a preshaped blank with the 3D printed electric box.
The pre-shaped board is hotwired cut by you or by https://efoil-holland.com/ ran by the two dutch brothers also forum members developping eFoil building plans and parts so that you can build an efoil from their guide.

The 15 steps to finish the board by two customers : https://www.instagram.com/diy_efoil_builders/

Just because the Waydoo board is not standard doesn’t mean a build can’t follow the board. This is DIY after all. A user could design the mast and mounts around the board. Use an adaptor. Options are endless…

Even if the Sifly mast dimensions are proprietary, an adaptor would be very easy to make.

Those chargers are all over Aliexpress and also Alibaba.

The Waydoo board is built in EPP and I’m not sure that after spending 1600€ on such a board you can laminate it with epoxy and carbon because you’re not assured it will stick properly. The Flyer one plus carbon edition is probably not build around an EPP core but an EPS or XPS one.
So must be the SiFly if it is also made in EPP.
IMHO, the best investment so far is the above hot-wired/CNCed efoil-holland board at 280€ with a hatch to laminate at home !

You not going to laminate it with carbon and epoxy though. You are going to leave the board as is.

All you’d need to do for the Waydoo board is build a enclosure that fits into the cutout of the board and place your battery and ESC in that.

Then you build an adaptor for the mast to board. Its actually a lot less work than building an entire board.

EPP boards don’t need to be sealed with carbon as they are already closed cell and designed to be able to be used as is.

A lot less work but needs quality work : plate screw inserts + external waterproof enclosure (no hinged board hatch)

Funnily enough it would be an interesting hack and I reckon a LOT of Waydoo guys would want it as then they could use much better foils and motors!

Some sort of Foildrive Assist all in one box wouldn’t be a problem. The unknown and the risk is depending on the material used under the blue battery sticker (A and B plate inserts on the above pict).
If it is EPP on a one cm thickness, you can forget it: the forces will need to be supported by the existing plate box which is connected to the aluminium frame.


If I was going to Hack a board like this, it would be the Sifly as that has a better mast mount and just looks way nicer!

Or, straight forward, bring your 30usd 90x165 plate (RRD, Gong, Naish, Slingshot …) to a friend with a small 3018 CNC and have cut it to the size of a waydoo (Sifly) one (footprint and thickness) so that you can reuse the original Waydoo (Sifly) latch locking system linked to the board alu frame …


We have units available. Have a look.


Hi Bryce, any plans to make a smaller board? Something similar to this: https://liftfoils.com/products/lift-3-board-with-e-box-42

Found another source for board only: https://pwrfoil.com/en/95-board-only


I looked into your request and yes, we can manufacture this but will need to develop new tooling. Are others interested in a board this size? I would need to take deposits on 5 units at $2300/unit to make the tooling. Making these with carbon and infused epoxy and selling below $3K is a net loss but we’re still in startup mode and acquiring customers is expensive. If folks here are interested, I can add a new product to my website and begin tooling in March for deliveries in spring.

Volume Pricing Discounts:
MOQ=5 units at $2300
5-10 Units= $2000
Over 10 Units=$1850


Here’s a pic of the sifly board. I think it’s a great DIY option. Nice size hatch and very easy to adapt to add an esc and battery.


FYI, they are already in production. I have ordered one. Will share the experience with everyone.

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A Düsseldorf boot 2023 pict that opened yesterday 01.21st I presume.
Waiting for @StealthFoil to receive his board…

Their hatch locking system is a nice way to go: one fixed side under the board deck, cheap and easy to implement, plus a locking device outside the hatch gasket that doesn’t need to be waterproof (cheaper).

A single allen key like the Nobile NHP spli board locking system could do the job too: