Database for mast & plate

You Liquid Foil mast looks alot like the Cabrinha Mast. Could you measure it up?

This is a CrazyFoil mast and plate. It is super cheap option in the US and Canada. I’m in the middle stages of my winter build, so I can’t really rate this mast or plate (other than than I like that it is the lowest priced option with the wife looking over my shoulder :slight_smile: ).

Plate screw holes are at 90cm x 165cm (on center)

Mast is at 100cm x 19cm and 50cm spacing for the full length threaded support columns.

I am not in the engineering field at all (I’m a nurse), so please let me know if you want me to add more info that you are interested in. My post isn’t super useful post for most, but I wanted to do at least a little payback for all of the help that this forum has given me.

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Might not be the most efficient profile as it looks like it has symmetrical leading and trailing edges. Normal hydrofoil mast profiles would use a profile with a sharper trailing edge.


I would not recommend getting a foil from crazyfoil.

Search for ”crazyfoil” in my threads here to read the background: poor quality, poor customer handling.

Did you ever source the axis plate specs?

hi guys

any drawings for Fanatic-Duotone alu masts?
I’m not sure they realized the new one but last year was similar to Slingshot??? or I may be wrong…

Axis mast cross section - no plate, just the mast:
AXIS 119x19


Fanatic 2019-2020 is the first ref of this post, not sure it is this setup for the Fanatic-Duotone 2022:

I sketched a 3d model of the Gong V2 alu mast and uploaded it as STEP here:

A 3D-printed section fits the real mast well so accuracy is good enough for covers or clamp design


I really agree on the Gong mast flex - and good to note for all heavy riders foiling.
I’m having flex issues with Gong V1 mast, will see how V2 works!

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Thank you very much for the mast file.
I will print a new pod that hopefully will fit better

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You 3d printing the plates? (PETG?)
How does that work? Any good?

Mast plates are subjected to really high forces so these need to be either in metal or fiber reinforced composite. 3d prints won’t work, or if the do then they will be bulkier and heavier than optimal.


Anybody having the dimensions (3D draw) of a Waydoo plate, footprint and thickness ?
Same question for SiFly ?

Tried my best to model the cross section of the Lift foil masts.
This should be good enough to use it for things like motor mount clamps etc

Here is the file:

Could you make a step file with an extruded profile too? This profile sketch is not useable for many of us.

Something like that ?
AXIS 119x19

Anyone knows what kind of glue or comercial product Fanatic is using to glue mast and plate? Any recommendation on what glue to assemble mast and plate?

The mast only needs to be glued if it has play in the plate and is therefore not stable, or if it wobbles a little or needs to be tight.

In muy foil setup one of the holes to attach the mast to the base plate has become to big for the bolt so I will fix it with a modified washer and I think I’ve better if I permanent assemble the mast to the base as Fanatic does nowadays. Less risk of future play or woobles.