Database for mast & plate

Hello to everyone,

it would be great to have a database were we can share infos - masts and mastplates are quite different - so I will start with these mastplates:

FANATIC - 2019 2020 has another size - not easy to disassemble because mast is glued in plate



So Slingshot has 160 mm and the others 165 mm - what has Gong, Liquid Force and all the others?



Hello to everyone,

I can’t believe that nobody has other mastplates - so get up to the keyboard and let us know the dimensions :surfing_man:


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I really hope people jump on this as I need a mast plate for my Windknife FF13 Mast and a ready made solution would be ideal.

Hi Luke,
do you think this mast is stable enough and already tested? I have managed to bend a slingshot mast :japanese_ogre:

Because they don’t offer a mastplate I think you have to make it by yourself - to have no threads makes it not easier…

How did you bend it?



Hi Jeremy,
I’m not sure because I notice it after foiling - either in the event of a fall or when lifting in or out :sob:

Hi Robert,
great - why can the dimensions not be uniform :angry: makes it not easier for us.

Time will tell I guess but I’ve suspended it between 2 timber blocks and stood on it and no deformation

Hi Mike,

This is all about mast plates ? How is the mast profile itself on all these models ? I mean is it different ? I’d rather want to test a DIY route for the mast too.

Hi Souleiman,
you are right - the mast are also very different and almost only fit to the mast plate of the same manufacturer - in addition the profiles change from year to year.
And besides, you can’t get STEP from the manufacturers - so you have to measure and draw yourself.
I will add the mast profiles soon.

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Most likely a fall where you hit the board. It tends to put a lot of pressure and create a folding point.

Does sbdy has the Axis plate specs ?

For compatibility purpose, IMHO there is also the mast chord/mast thickness data that are important. Strangely, the 90 x 165ish not so much as most of the times, holes can be modified in alu plates to gain a few mm to fit the board hole pattern. Second point, with US rails, the longer plate dimension (+/- 165mm) data is irrelevant since you have a sliding plate.

So in mm, chord length / profile thickness / Nb screws -diam- screw spacing
Please everybody confirm:
Axis: 119 / 18.85 / 2xM8 60mm apart
Airush: should be like Gong (to be confirmed)
Gong: 109.5 / 14.7 / 3xM6 40mm apart
Mantafoils: ? / ? / 2xM8 40mm apart (should be the same as Zeeko)
Naish: 110 / 14.7 then 15.3 / 3xM6 40mm apart ________==== Beware: Gong compatible in 2018 not from 2019 (15.3mm)
RL: 115 / 15 / 2xM8 60mm apart
RRD: should be Gong compatible
Slingshot: 114 / ? / 2xM8 51mm apart
Takuma: 109.5 / 14.9 / 3xM6 40mm apart (Gong press fit compatible)
Zeeko: Mantafoils: ? / ? / 2xM8 40mm apart (should be the same as Mantafoils)
ZJ sport from Ali:

Mantafoils TKF Zeeko plate

So they are still testing mast profiles from year to year ? I thought they would stick to a proven one…
Also, I thought they all were using a few profiles models for the mast. Been searching for this topic but couldn’t find any profile reference related to NACA…

Thx :slight_smile:

Fanatic has changed and also Indiana - hope others will keep it as it is :crossed_fingers:

I added the mast profiles to the first post…


Thank you Mike ! Would be easier for everybody to find all info regarding mast & plate on the same thread :slight_smile:

So, I did a few research, and just like I thought, they basically all use the same NACA profile. Here they are :

NACA0010 :

NACA0012 :

Sauce :

Was happy to do it - that’s the reason I put it in the first post

I think in terms of efficiency the mast profile is not really decisive - the stability and the space for the cables is more important for us.

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Do you have the 3D drawing or drawn 2d profile of the slingshot mast ? I need it for my mast clamp. Would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, I have had a few people come to me to purchase my Windknife FF13 and I was wondering what I could do to help this community. This post seems like the right place to start. What would you like from a mast plate, is there a standard size and hole spacing you need?



Someone mentioned that they wanted a way of adding threads to the FF13 mast, I usually do that using cross dowels.