Why I wont give out designs

This is addressed to everyone…

Lately I have found numerous users on the site (some that have not even posted publicly) PM’ing me and requesting designs for mast clamps, adaptors props etc.
Let me be clear: I will not give out designs for others work (or my own for that matter) or make them public on this forum. There are numerous commercial entities that are seeking to gain from the opensource information on this site without really giving back to this community, but when the time comes they are happy to benefit financially from it.
If you really want designs for the likes of the Flying Rodeo mast clamps and motors, buy one yourself and reverse engineer it. BUT don’t expect me to send you 3D designs, pictures or drawings of how it works. That will not happen!

Rant over…


Hey Jezza, the positive point is that it’s very good for your ego. You have to tell yourself that it’s the counterpart of talent. When the time comes, will you make an exception for first-time members with a certified pedigree?:wink:

For certified members, that have contributed to the forum and have some proof of their own builds, that do not have a commercial interest etc, I don’t so much mind sharing parts of my own designs. But I still won’t share parts of others designs. They put the research time, effort and cost into them, so don’t deserve to be undercut because I decided their design belongs on the web in an open format.


Hi Jezza, I am certified…:woozy_face:… ask any Dr. :smiley: what can you share… LOL :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

This definitely goes against the reason @pacificmeister and I built this website. We want everything to be open, available, and easy to access to all. But not everything has to be, so I get it. We still provide a valuable service to non-commercial people.

Sucks, I was really eyeing that propellor you made for the Flipsky motor for my own board! haha


The prop I don’t mind sharing, but I’d wait till I’ve tested it with this motor.

That would be awesome! What designs were in question then? I thought that was what people were talking about?

I asked for mast clamp. To the best of my knowledge Flipsky and maytech Motors share same mounting and cable management.
Anyway I will start with board shaping. Soon or later someone might share his/her ideas since many ppl have ordered these units.

This is addressed to Jezza…

So why are you on this forum if not to gain valuable information and ideas from like minded individuals? I’m here to design, develop, improve and more importantly, RIDE. Collectively we can gain more from working together and sharing designs and ideas.

Posting pictures of your rig and then chastising people for requesting help with theirs brings nothing to this forum. Instagram may be a better platform to show off your work.


You are one of about 10 that have PM’d me and asked for the designs for that clamp. Some of the others that have asked have affiliations to companies. The mast clamp is designed and made by Flying Rodeo. I bought it from him and adapted it for the motor. The design for the clamp is not mine to give, therefore I will not give it. I think that’s pretty fair.


Couldn’t agree more @Jezza, even though you have modified the file, the original file is Flying Rodeo’s - a company - so if they want to give it out then fine but I wouldn’t be handing it out even if its modified a bit.

If you’ve spent enough time here you’d know I have helped out quite a great deal of people with their designs and builds. I am here for the community. No where in this community are rules saying that you have to post all the details of your designs or others designs…

Nowhere have I chastised people for requesting help. Read the initial post more carefully. I have simply said I will not give out others designs, nor will I give out designs to companies seeking to benefit without giving something back…


I have been a part of this group for quite a while and have been building Pacificmeister’s build with some success but more failures and have not been proud enough to publish what I have so far. I just received my foam to start my new build after having learned a lot on the first one. I am really grateful to this group for sharing the success and failures. I have purchased a 3D printer and manage to get around Fusion 360. Reading tons of posts during the build process makes me feel I have even less to share as there is nothing I have improved on. But for all of the wisdom out there, thanks a bunch

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Just say no, or ignore them.

FYI, your intellectual property is not as valuable as you think.

A mast clamp would take an hour to design in fusion. Someone asking you for it that can’t design one is probably not going to be able to design a commercially viable efoil, so it really doesn’t matter if you give it to them or not.

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Getting your head around cad is a not easy but I really recommend that you invest in the time it takes. I didn’t know anything about cad when I started but @Hiorth was stubborn enough to convince my to give it a honest try, I can’t thank him enough for that. The feeling you get after designing or redesigning a part to fit your own need is s amazing.

I strongly encourage everyone to invest the time it takes to get to know the basics of cad. You will be able to use that skill for so much more in your DIY life.

If you design works and you think it would help others, please share it.


Really, if that were the case no company would ever pay more for an intelligent person to work for them, and no company would ever bother protecting patents…

They may not be able to design one, but nothing stops them having it mass manufactured, undercutting the competitions price (as they had no R&D cost) and then harming the original designers business. Which again proves why the first quoted statement is not true.

I said ‘your’ IP. You and your mast clamp. Its just a mast clamp.

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Clearly you did not read the original post properly…

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Actually I asked FR if I can buy something from him prop or mast mount for flipsky before approaching jezza. He only offer for maytech and told me motors are different. Bummer. Then I saw your post and thought you have something designed for flipsky.

Anyway, from my side I am good, please keep the open source spirit. @Jezza you helped me in the past and shared your knowledge willingly. No bad feeling :smile:

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Flipsky and maytech are the same. He might have meant his mast mount is different because it was designed for his motor, which is true… You’d then need an adaptor from his mast mount to the back of the flipsky motor (which can’t be 3d printed because of strength).