Why not start a wiki?

Everybody is sharing information and a lot of knowledge about all kinds of parts is available (battery, ESC, foils). Why not create a wiki where we can place the benefits and the downsides about these examples?


very good idea, so the information will be more structured!

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GOOD ID ! :slight_smile:

I just read that our forum software (Discourse) has a way to turn posts into Wiki entries. They are then editable by all users. Think only mods/admins can to turn posts into Wiki entries but that should be fine. Oh and I think each user can turn their own posts into wikis. Let me to a test…

This is a test wiki post and can be edited by every user. Let’s test.

yes we can edit! :slight_smile:

yes, it’s editable.


Okay great! But where can we view the pages?

We will setup some pages. I’ll get with @pacificmeister to do this.

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sounds like a good idea

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Looks like the MediaWiki platform is the best. Does anyone else have any preferred software/server packages?

My concern with a Wiki on a separate platform is that we won’t be able to cross-search. Search is the best in this forum, i use it all the time. I assume search will likely also be the best way to find stuff quickly on a wiki. Have we explored if the wiki posts here on the discourse forum are useful? Maybe we can organize them in a separate section somehow so that they are also browsable. Not sure how critical browsing a wiki is but would be nice. Would be also good to highlight wiki posts in the search result and in general, maybe with a different background color. Am just worried that we make it harder to find info if we make everyone search on two systems. Thoughts?

Is the solution to add a Wiki subform category to this forum? New threads and responses only creatable by mods to prevent spam/junk

Would need to map what the topics would be. Once they’re created, users can edit the posts (as per the @pacificmeister post above) to create the content.

Other issue will be a separate login system unless we can SSO from this website.

Sounds okay to me :slight_smile: It won’t be as organized as normal wiki, but it’s okay! How about adding new pages?

They’d have to be manually created by a mod. There could be seperate wiki editors? Would allow single login and search to be functional.

We can keep the login the same by using this website as the SSO provider. Not worried about that. Just need to find the right platform.

Anyone who has worked with technical documentation, whether that be in software or engineering knows that without proper ownership and someone to constantly update it, will result in an outdated mess that no one will use.

I cannot understand creating a wiki for something that is constantly changing. The whole point of a forum is to encapsulate and allow people to search for what they need.


@pacificmeister Shall we look into this?


I’m new here - but I really think a wiki could help in addition to this realy great forum!
Has someone look in this?

Hi Michael,

We can create wiki posts here on this forum which every user can update and maintain. I created a couple to test this, like this one here: Propulsion Type Overview - Wiki - Wiki - FOIL.zone

What new users are often missing is an objective quick start summary about the main design considerations and challenges. These type of wiki posts can help if we keep them up to date however a big challenge for new users is finding these wiki posts. We will look into pinning some of them.

Please let me know your thoughts. Ideas to improve this place are always welcome.


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Wow!! those wiki posts look perfekt

Thats the thing i was looking for :wink:

I would like to help - but i’m still very very much a beginner …