Wing foiling on an efoil

Call me crazy, but it seems like this may be fun and be the best of both worlds. Seems like a folding prop would be necessary and perhaps a controller that was easier to hold and use while gripping the wing.

Anyone tried this yet?

About to soon!


Can’t wait to hear about your results. What wing are you using?

Please get some vids and don’t forget your kevlar jock strap! :dizzy_face:

Ohhh I wanna try that for surf efoiling!

Whoa, interesting that the motor is so high on the mast. Is that so the motor just gets you into the wave and then you foil free of drag?
Negotiating the Wing with a remote in your hand will be challenging but with a wrist loop I guess you can get on foil and then transfer your hands to the wing. What’s best is you can e-foil back up wind until you figure out how to wing up wind. Keep us updated.

Yep, you got it😉

I’m just finishing up a silicone cover mold for the trampa wand, which will clip onto a SUP paddle or my Armstrong mini boom for my wing. So should be not too ackward with the thumb trigger.

Unfortunately the two ends of my left achilles tendon parted ways two months ago. About another 2-3 months before they make up. :frowning:

Very cool design! Great for just surf foiling sans wing!

Get well soon. Are you planning on putting on a prop guard? Really close to the royal gems?!?!? :slight_smile:

I’m going to build a new board with a bit more cover.
I’m thinking 1.8m 130L SUP/wing crossover.

OH there’s another discussion on just that topic: SUP/Wing crossover.

Wing foiling beginner boards? Use a SUP?

I saw a funny video of Evan Netch a while ago. He was winging in really light air. Then he dropped the wing and kept going. He was efoiling the whole time. It does seem like a good idea for getting better at winging and you will succeed. I had many days were I was 1 or 2 mph of wind to light to take off. I bet I could have kept going once up. Definitely going to try this summer!

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