Wired remote controller!

Hello Dear inventors!
I’m looking for the best solution for my Jetboard project.
I need wired hand controller for speed like were used for old Lampuga Jetbordads on model Boost.
Maybe somebody know this supplier?

Also if anybody knows the suppler of good bluetooth remotes like used on Flite board, Awake board etc.

Wired hand remote controller: the guys from https://e-surfer.com/en/ will give you an aswer. Please keep us posted as efoilers could find an interest in a wired solution.

Maybe Andreas the administrator knows the answer @E-Surfer.com ?

Such quality remotes are not available at the moment. Really waterproof remotes for DiYers should arrive on the market before June (2020) hopefully (@samisin ?, @VeFoil ? )
In the meantime there is the Maytech V2 remote available immediately for DiYers, but you have to manually finish the waterproofing before using it…

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I had good experience with the cheap Chinese thumb throttle. It is a hall sensor and worked well under water.


I think lampuga used the same. E bike thumb throttle

Essentially, all I need is a potentiometer / gas handle! Anybody knows where I can find?

@Louis Give me a link please!

@SoEFoil I need model for a mass production!

Just type "thumb throttle" in the forum search function to get the full view + the eskate forums for the best ideas (will need waterproofing)

Mass prod ? Not sure but here are some ideas:
First you can check:

Nice waterproof casing:

With waterproofing and programming details :

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