WORLD RECORD Speed board build from Italy

Hi! My name is Raul, I’m from Italy (garda lake), I use to use and make electric skateboards, I also have a diy efoil, and enjoy it a lot!
On electric skateboard is very easy to reach 50km/h and you have lot’s more, my personal record is 86km/h on a 14kw board, ngl was scary as hell, expecialy, when if you fall, you hit the ground :rofl:
I just saw the current speed record on an efoil is 62km/h, and I want to brake it :v:
My current plan is to make a direct drive propulsion system, using the new 56154 motor, and a 110mm high pitch aliprop, the new 56154 motor can sustain 14kw continuous an 20kw peak, but also providing enough torque to be a direct drive.
I will currently start with the 280kv version, if it’s not enough I will move to the 400kv version, and use a bigger esc.
My foil of choice will be a RRD blast 1150cm2 high aspect, (maybe I will switch for the 900cm2)
85mm must, and dynamic 250cm2 rear wing
For the board I have 2 choice: my current light board, or a Chinese empty board… i will try both first
For the battery I have a 14s14p lift recycled battery to test first, but maybe I have to go 16s…
If that’s the case, I will do a 16s 6p out of molicel
I’m looking only for the speed, not to actually get any range out of it.
Soo let’s start building!

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The first step will be make the 56154 more waterproof, in order to do so, I swapped the bearings with ceramics one, change the bolts to titanium, and coated the stator with an antitrust paint.
Every was also coated with an automotive grade ceramic coating (cquartz 3.0) for better chimical resistance.

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Not an eFoil, but look what almost 80km/h on a foil can do.


I design the mast clamp in 3d, I’m looking to have some side windows for the water to cool down the motor, I will also make a front water intake, for the water cooling system.

A fast 3d printing for a test fit! The final product will be printed at:

In MJF PA12 nylon.

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Can you provide a link to this record speed?

I think I just found it. Is this what you are referencing?

You might find this old thread useful in your build.

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You are correct, so I think this is the current record

For a new record you most likely
have do ditch the duct, too much drag.


Yes, probably
I also have a different propelle to try, but I think the duct gives you more stability, almost put you on the rails, so I want to give it a try anyway

Pretty impressive for a Jet-based efoil!

I don’t think it would be too hard to beat this with a prop based setup.

Quite a large board (110l) for going that fast.

I’ve fallen off at 30km/h hundreds of times. Fell once at 40km/h and won’t be doing that again😉.

I get the whole need for speed thing but the intensity of the crash is not linear.
Perhaps why the rider isn’t standing up!!

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You have to try falling on the asphalt at 60+ :wink:
Anyway I don’t know if we can consider this record, because he wasn’t standing up
What you guys think?

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And WHY would I WANT to do that??:grinning:

Just curious what is the fastest you have gone on your existing efoil?

I have gone 42kmh on my knees only. Lots of times at 35 standing but 42 seems a lot faster than 35 with the wind pressure in your face.

42km/h on a 1530cm/2 wing… was impossible to hold tho board down, due to the wing size, also I maxed the 6384 power (130A on phases) on a 12s system
Anyway riding efoils is very similar to riding esk8s, so I do feel very comfortable at high speeds
If anyone is curious those are some of mine builds:


Don’t think it’ll work well with this motor, peak torque is about 8Nm according to the charts i’ve seen. That’s impressive for this size of motor - if it’s true.

I think that even with the smaller prop it is unlikely to have enough torque to get you to >62kph.

But i hope to be wrong here😄

Maybee we will see after the first test, if don’t have enough torque, I have other more powerful choices… 45kw… :rofl:

Surely, you will need a custom foil profile for this development. Given the speed, you do not need the lift and associated drag. The only thing your 14kw is fighting is drag, so it would make sense to use a n optimsed lower lift /. lower drag profile.

The Phantom 360cm2 front wind optimised for speed :

or 'Foil evolution: the Infinite gear range from Phantom Foiling