Czech republic Efoil second project

I leave the surfboard the same, Sss motor, Neugart gearbox and Seaking 130A ESC i will change for:
Flipsky engine 15151
ESC Flipsky 200A
Hydrofoil mast and new wings - rlboards.
Battery: Tattu 2x6S = 12S. (22 and 16 Ah)
Propeller: China aluminium, reduced to 120 mm. (advised a friend Virus)
First project: Czech republic Efoil - Builds -

6 Tattu batteries and 2 ISDT chargers are sufficient for NONSTOP foiling.:heart_eyes:


Nice and cost effective ESC+motor combo: looking forward to your first water tests with VescTool data :+1:

With same ESC / motor setup / RL foil, looking forward to compare your modified prop data and the Flying Rodeo 6x6 prop for this motor (even if the FR prop doesn’t fit the new Flipsky V2 motor shaft)

To fit the Flipsky V1 threaded shaft, I remember sbdy drilling this prop all way through and replacing the nose needle by a bolt. @Rienk was it you ?

i think you meant this one;)

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Imppressive how you grinded this shape! Is there a way you balanced the prop? the centrifugal forces are huge at high rpms. Every milligram off-balance will cause a vibration. I notice a little vibration with my little longtail prop as well…

so the final diameter of the propeller is 120 mm. Virus advised me. I sanded with an angle grinder, then a nail file, then sandpaper and sanding. I have ordered a balancing company from one local company. I have a Flipsky engine with M8 thread, I don’t know if it’s V1 or V2.
Sorry for the bad English, I translate it through Google translator. If I didn’t answer something, just email me again. :wink:

I did this but I don’t know if I have posted a photo of it before. I also made the pin grove deeper. I cutted this one to 130mm if I remember correct. I have less vibrations with this than the full size prop because of the lower weigt and closer to the center.

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Beautiful work, balance will probably be necessary.

Could be Virus as well on his video testing the Maytech 100kv motor last september.

Watter inlet.

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Black anodizing.:hugs:

today I take a surfboard for painting.



Very nice.
Electric box: could you post a pict of it open ? Where did you buy it ?
Mast plate to board: did you use some inserts in the board ?

The suitcase is Seahorse 300 SE. The keel holder is from RLboards. In this video, the cell is the previous building in the photo gallery.

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Nice, I like the Slim Nanuk 91x series too.

Would you have pictures before they were mounted into the board ? An URL maybe ?

I adjusted the part. I don’t have more photos now. Contact the manufacturer here.

I have to save a lot of space. The suitcase is small🤔


Neat solution on the watercooling pipes on the VFESC. Where did you get those 90 degree connectors?

I bought it in Hornbach, in the garden irrigation department. It’s made of plastic.


That looks like a board meeting to me :yum:

Board meeting


the board meeting today takes place propeller​:smile::rofl: