Czech republic Efoil second project

Hello, have you tested it already?
I’m interesting in RLboards set for efoil. On which speed you start flying with Rlboards?

I haven’t tried yet, I’ll try this week😉

So today was the first test. The ABS propeller cover has fallen. The large front wing has incredible strength, I have to stand about 20 cm more in front than the previous wing. It’s going amazing, I haven’t measured the speed at which it starts to fly, but I’ll measure it soon. The Flipsky engine surprised me by how quiet it is, I’m glad it goes beautifully and doesn’t flow into the trunk.


3 additional holes in plate for ~90EUR… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean🤔

For me it will be a pity to pay 90EUR for plate and then drill holes in that. I’m willing to buy this plate+mast also and that why I’m upset if there is no any other of connection either than drill plate.
For plate ~20-30$ I’m ready to drill it each month :slight_smile: but not for ~100$

What your general opinion about this product at this moment? (mast+plate)
I checked local guys they could anodize 5 mast for all of them ~35$

I see. I didn’t give 90 euros for it, the owner of Rlboars is my friend, so we help each other with E-foil projects.

The mast and plate are stronger than my last project from Nobile. I assigned anodizing to a local company. (the mast was originally silver without anodizing)

Will you try wings from their efoil set?

Yes I know, they have anodized mast in another product

RL Mast eloxiert :hugs:


yes, I already have wings from RLboards.:wink:

Are you still happy with this propeller turned down to 120mm? That’s substantially smaller than the FR prop.

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Hi, with this propeller it goes a maximum of 27 km / h. For riding with me -92 kg, that’s enough. But if I want to ride my son’s surfboard +15 kg, there will be no takeoff. I’m not overprinting the wool in front of the bow. It’s also because my surf has little pressure - Volume.

For takeoff and my son I have to get a more powerful propeller.:wink:

I’m preparing a new propeller😉. I’m shrinking to 130mm.

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Is the black prop a 7.5x8 plastic one from ebay/aliexpress? I think I have the same but still unused in the original diameter. Please let us know how this modified one performs.

it’s aluminum.
US $20.70 20%OFF | 58110-91JN0-019 Aluminum Alloy 7 1/2 x 7 Marine Propeller For Suzuki Outboard Engine 4-6HP 10 Spline Tooth 3 Blades R Rotation

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Please stay safe with lipos.

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Which KV motor are you running?

100 kv Flipsky motor :wink:

Interesting. I am about to test an 8" pitch version of that prop on a 100Kv motor. I cut it down to 150mm though…

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