Zero Tow? Anybody?

Any intel on this?


That’s me! I’ve been working on it for the last 12 months or so. I started off with a body board version. Anyone that gave it a go wanted to buy one so I got to work on making something more consumer friendly.

Will have them ready for sale in Australia mid January.


Nice work man, that looks sic! I have built a couple steerable dual motor boogies and love them! Definitely sparks the curiosity about your setup!


I think I’ve seen your YouTube vids, nice work.

Steerable and self righting is almost essential if you need to get out past a big shore break. I drive mine out the back like a big RC boat then follow it out. There has only been on day where I couldn’t get out, but the boogie made it easy!

So epic!! Your are going to get really busy mate! :joy:

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awesome…any price idea ? like a little car / organ donor or more affordable ?

Haha, price is going to be $9999Aud+gst. The idea is that you can buy a Boogie and the very best Prone foil set up and you are less than the cost of a Fliteboard or a Lift, while having a lot more performance and fun.


our world just got more awesome!

well done!

Cool. I m towing my kids on foil with my efoil so happy if they don t need me anymore to catch waves !!

Coming to oz for Xmas between Sydney , wagga wagga and Byron if you do any demo let me know !!

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Half the price of an efoil and ten times the fun! I can’t wait to see some more pics and video of that thing in action.

I’m in Canberra/ South Coast - PM me, we can try catch up.

Really nice work…I saw the takuma tow in real 2 months agoe and this monster was way to heavy and hell expensive…What is the weight of yours?
We tested a sifly rider efoil sifly efoil without wings on it a while ago and put simple wakeboard line on it …was even easier to stear as we thought. This sifly Rider sells for 4999€ and good base for tow as well… But if you are able to bring that even cheaper then it`s a go… I want one… :+1:t2:

The Takuma eTow is a beast! From the specs around 75kg including batteries, and 1.8m long.

The Boogie is 14kg, and the battery is 15kg. Length is 1.3m. The battery is easily removed for transport and uses industry standard Amphenol style connectors.


Congratulations. Same path (development, tangible market, then launch via, hope you get the success of Paul Martin from FoilDrive !

You could increase your sales offering some articles to DiYers. Any idea about your remote ?

Thanks, it’s been quite a journey, a whole lot of fun though.

For items for DIYers, almost all of the components are custom made to work together, and rely on the inflatable hull to make it work properly. I could sell one component, but then you would need everything else to make the system and steering etc work together, and by then you would end up buying a complete Boogie. Same goes with the remote and receiver PCB.

One thing that could be of interest for DIYers is the style of the battery case. It’s molded from 5mm ABS plastic. Primed and glued together with a flexible adhesive. It makes for a corrosion proof and water proof enclosure and with a quality BMS and high density foam packing around the cells passed UN38.3 for battery transport so is robust.

My case holds a 14s12p 2170 pack, which is probably too large for an efoil, but the same process could be used to make a smaller pack. Cost for the mold and per piece is a lot cheaper than injection molding. Mold cost is approx 1000USD, and then per case cost would be around 50USD when buying 100x. So would suit a bulk buy by the DIY community. Happy to share contacts and design process if someone wants to take it up.


Decent looking pack. Some guys would gladly have 14s12p.

I’m more interested in what glue they used to bond it with :rofl:

I tried at least 10 different types of adhesives, until I found one that worked well. The trick is to use a plastic primer. l which helps blocks the oils migrating in plastic. With the primer the adhesive will seperate before breaking the bond with the plastic.

The adhesive company had an office in China so I could get them to send the adhesive and primer directly to the battery factory and I knew it was the same type that used on my tests in Australia.

It is possible to renter the pack using a sharp knife. Reselling can be done using almost any flexible adhesive as the bond to the plastic is already formed.

The adhesive I use is called fixtech 190 and their plastic primer.


Nice, testing/development in Wānaka but selling in Australia?

I’m from Raglan in NZ, but living in Australia at the moment with my partner and 18m old. This was/ is my stay at home dad project.

Most of the testing had been done here in Aus, but my mate (and business partner) has done all of the code work on the remote and lives in Wānaka, so as soon as I had a production version ready I had to deliver it to him so he can share in some of the fun too.

I’ve got a few batteries sent directly to NZ by sea, which is a whole lot cheaper and easier than attempting airfreight. Shipping just the Boogies from Aus to NZ with out batteries is approx $350 in postage which while expensive isn’t too crazy compared to what I’ve spent my getting some of my components delivered with DHL!


At first, reminded me of :face_with_monocle: