3d object share?

is it possible to share a 3d object via autodesk viewer inside a post?
I mean that you can see i directly in the forum.


Like embedded? If there is a URL we need to whitelist, let me know.

Yes, in this thread is the Link.


I’ve added https://autode.sk/ and https://viewer.autodesk.com/ but it doesn’t look like it’s iframe compatible?

Ok, it seems autodesk viewer didnt work for this.
Does someone know another service where stp files could be shared online and in the forum?

You can import the STL into a Fusion 360 project and get the embed code via the browser like we did here on the forum before. This should work the same as with native Fusion 360 models once it’s in your project.

Thx, i will try this.

I assume the CAD source is not Fusion 360… but in case it is you might want to share that Fusion model directly without STL export. Then everyone can download editable CAD formats and also directly download the STL from the web.

You are right it isn’t fusion.