75v & 300a vesc (vesc75/300)

Benjamin has done his final tests on the VESC 75/300 and is totally amazed by its performance.
As a final test we ran a 30KW inrunner driven turbine at 75V and 450A in the power stage in FOC mode last weekend. Massive thrust, massive RPMs, massive noise, massive wind.

Over the last months the design has proven to be very solid and versatile and in consequence it is time to put the design into the wild.

We offer a special price for the first 100 Units! This is a pre-order that we rill rush through for you guys.

Happy Thursday, Frank



I am interested.

How is this cooled?

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To a absolute VESC beginner I find it hard to get the answers to my questions in the documentation I find on Trampa’s site or the VESC project site. Most of the information is for e-skate boards.
When reading about the VESC 6 MK3 I see it has a hibernate mode where it only draws 20uA, and a kick power on, and auto power off.
I see this statement in the VECS 6 MK3 description.
Based I this statement I assume the VESC 75/300 also has these capabilities. If so where can I read more on the subject. How do I set the time delay for the no activity power off.

I’d like to find a good source of VESC information as well. I don’t know anything about the hibernation mode. But, I often leave my board on for a long time. I don’t have a power switch on my board. So, when I plug the ESC into the battery harness, everything is powered. Then I just turn the maytech remote off. That prevents bumping the throttle, and serves as my off switch. Sometime I leave it like this for an hour or two. Never had any problems. Maybe it’s in a hibernation mode. Idk.


I think it is not too hard to just look at the VESC-Tool and press the “?” button:

Scroll through the options and read the infos about them. If something is not supported by the Hardware, the Tool will tell you once uploading the settings (or wont show them first hand).

Thank you. Its great to have a question. Type it, Wake up and the answer is waiting for you. Some of my questions are very basic.
It is “not too hard” if you know where to look. It is overwhelming at first. There are hundreds of those “Helps” , VESC tool- Ap Settings-General-Shutdown Mode- OFF_AFTER_30M.
This thing is expensive, I don’t know what I don’t know. So is there a way to know if the 75/300 has that feature without buying it and trying it.
I am waiting on those tiny little connectors it uses to arrive. I had to ask you guys what they were called also.

Hibernation is new since the VESC 6 MKIII. The latest batch of 75/300 R3 VESCs also have a switch feature. These 75/300 just arrived.
Leaving a board on for a couple of hours is no issue with any VESC. Some mA draw does not empty your battery in hours. But it can empty the battery within days or weeks, depending on the battery size and charge level. The new hibernation mode draws so little, it is less than the self discharge of the cells.

Which type of switch do you recommend to use with the R3?

On the R3 you need a latching type switch. Bridged = on

How do we know if ours is a R3 ? I ordered one and got mine 2 weeks ago.

It will have a jumper plug and a power symbol like @RED-FPV has on his.

Picture copied from one of his posts:

Ok thanks ! I have the same unit then :slight_smile:

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I am wondering is the new 75/300 VESC power switch is ideal for a safety lanyard, rather than the bulky big relay I have used in the past.

Some measurements:
With the jumper installed, and the maytech receiver connected, and maytech remote turned on. The system draws about 22 mA.
with the Maytech remote turned off, the system draws 16mA.
With the Jumper removed the system uses so little current that I can not accurately measure it.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work to use the jumper as an emergency kill, but I would message them and ask. Best to make sure that interrupting power that way while at a high power setting won’t damage the VESC.


@Flightjunkie do we know which ESC can be cut “violently” with a relay contact activated by the kill switch ?

If this doesn’t work, there is @Rienk’s solution (on its way :wink:)

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Agree. But, There is something comforting about a Relay, not relying on complex electronics that when fail, can fail on full blast.

My first 2 builds had the big relay cutting the power to the ESC. APS 380AMP ESC.
Magnet/reed switch setup for activation.
I have fallen/activated the safety switch more than 100 times. The only malfunction was initially I did not have a anti-spark circuit on the relay. The relay contacts would sometimes stick/weld closed. I then added a delay relay with resister to charge the caps for a couple seconds and the sticking problem stopped.


Yeah. The VESC jumper switch wouldn’t work if the problem was a VESC failure at full throttle.

Would you have a link to your anti-spark mod ? Thanks.

I understand, I have the same feeling as you, but we have to thrust electronics like when we are in a plane or a car. Mechanical switches can fail also.