Ant BMS eats voltage - any ideas what I can do? 43V at the batt., 28V out of BMS

I have just manufactured my 12S12P 18650er battery and connected my smart Ant BMS.

The Bluetooth connection works and my VBMS app gives me the same voltage (43 volt, battery not charged) as when I take it directly at the poles.

My problem:
The battery has the correct voltage (taken directly on + and -), but the outgoing plug to the ESC just delivers 28 volt!!

Hmmm, funny. Does anyone has a genius idea to help my setup deliver the correct voltage also via the BMS to the ESC?

I did not setup the app or the BMS. I have just connected it. I hope that this is right.

Many thanks

I don’t have this bms but this may help :

Answer from a solar forum

I figured it out, you have to set the ‘Actual Connected Cell Number’ to 12 and press ‘Set’, you should hear a beep and the Charge and Discharge MOS will open!

Can you upload a screenshot of your app’s pages?

Check out @Vincentbraillard build.
He also used ant BMS with 12S10P configuration. Here are his parameters:

Just download the VBMS app from app store, connect your phone via Bluetooth to the BMS and change parameters according to Vincent’s values. That should fix your issue.

Share some pictures of your battery build, I’m interested to see!
Cheers :call_me_hand:



Thanks for your comments. I will try to put in these parameters. For now, I attach some pictures that show the different voltage.

It is really work in progress and I will probably open a separate built thread.


Here are some pics of the battery built. It is a 12S12P with an Ant BMS.

Setup is the Flipsky Standard (vx3, 65161, 200A ESC).

Here is some detail of the battery:

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If you have a 12s assembly, then why is there a voltage on the lines above 12.The application should not show them at all! There’s 0.You should insulate the loose wires or cut them off. But it’s better to leave it, maybe you want to change the build to 13s or 14s later.

Have you installed 12 lines in the app?

I think the issue will be solved with the settings / parameter update. Unfortunately the VBMS app doesn’t keep my changes. I asked the programmer for support and hope to solve it soon.

The ICgogogo app doesn’t connect. VBMS does.

Will keep you posted.


Sorry, off topic. Which board is that? where did you get it? Thank you.

I bought it on Alibaba (not AliExpress). Heute is the link:

Bad news regarding VBMS and the Ant BMS:

You can search the Internet for an application that works with the new bms. Or contact the GoGoGo store on Aliexpress, maybe they will help.


Tony’s (VBMS) answer:

I use ANT BMS on my 14S - love it works great - but I recommend you only use it for charging/balancing the battery. When riding find a way to bypass the BMS entirely (I use a bolt/wing nut to quickly swap cables &bypass BMS). Why? Because BMS used MOSFETS to transmit power (just like the ESC) and therefore will overheat/fail just like an ESC unless it’s actively cooled.

Interesting point of view. I will put a temperature sensor on the BMS and give it a try!

The temperature sensors on the ANT - bms are already standing. And four sensors in the kit are installed on the body of the battery itself, two are installed on the contacts themselves + and - they heat up more.