Ball bearing is broken (Flipsky 65161)

My ball bearing from the Flipsky motor is broken (strong vibration when starting). Do any of you have a source of supply in Europe or Germany for a new bearing?
What dimensions do I need?

Thanks a lot.

I used a NSK 6001 DDU which was the same as I removed.

12X28X8 mm

The ball bearing might not be the only thing you have to replace:

We tried to replace the bearings today. However both bearings are pressed in. By using a hammer the top one came out but the bottom one dont come out. Does anyone have an idea how to uninstall this? Maybe its a must to open the bottom side of the engine? With the Maytech motors, the exchange apparently works without any problems (since the bearings are not pressed in). These are definitely pressed in on my Flipsky motor.

Searching the forum revealed this.

I think it is usually only the front bearing that you need to replace. At least I only needed to replace my front bearing and not the back when my started to sound and go slow.

If water leaked in, all bearings have to be replaced. Because they are not stainless. You can find specialized pullers for bearings like that.fill up with corrosion x to avoid that for the next time.