Brand New build from Canada!

Hi guys! It’s my firts post, after reading hundreds of yours!
I’ve started my build and want to share the process with you, and also help others who will learn from my process.

I am buiding my first Efoil. I read a lot in the past weeks. Everything I know at this time comes from you guys!

It will be 120cm long, built from scratch in XSP foam and fiberglass.
I will build an waterproof enclosure inside the board for the electronics.
Didn’t start this build yet.

Mast and Foil
I’ve bought a used F-One kit, one mast, rear wing and 2 front wings (1280cm2 and 1800cm2)
The mast is 75cm : Alu Masts - F-ONE

Does somebody have a 3D printing model for a motor holding bracket for this mast and a flipsky 65161 Motor?
(I dont have a 3D printer, I will ask a friend)

I have ordered 140 x Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A
I think of doing a 14S10P setup

I searched and could not find a perfect 14S10P setup that I could imitate. It is my first battery build so I would want to follow a model.
Right now Im thinking of going like this one :

In this model, I would need 2P nickel strips. But I see a lot of build that use a single strip on every parallel cells row. I’m lost a bit there.

I am looking at these :
It is made by SUNKKO, and looks to be really Pure Nickel Strip. I am thinking going 0.15mm?
Or should I go 0.20mm in nickel plated strips ?

BMS : I think it is safer to have one ? I think it is simpler to use it to charge and discharge ?
A famous one here is the Daly from alixpress :,scm-url:1007.40050.354490.0,pvid:99f8227e-2b1e-49b5-bedf-82c35970e9d1,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238108%231977&pdp_npi=4%40dis!CAD!19.92!13.15!!!14.39!9.50!%4021032e4e17120108583173192eb5e7!12000037095883027!rec!CA!860052467!&utparam-url=scene%3ApcDetailTopMoreOtherSeller|query_from%3A

I need a 14s 48V… and how many Continuous Discharge Current amps ? 150? considering getting on plane with my 65161 Motor and my 75kg, will take 90-100Amps ?
Do you have a better option?

Any recommendation for a charger?

Motor and ESC
I ordered the famous flipsky W7 group : Group W7 Water Sports Kit (Includes High Current FSESC75300 /75200 and – FLIPSKY
120KV/With VX3 Remote
75200 With Water Cooling Enclosure

I will keep you updated!
Thanks in advance, I am learning so much from you guys!


I think you’re on the right track @Wheel12, you’ve mentioned quite a few things that are common choices on the forum.
Regarding battery packs, Molicel P42A is a great cell and never a bad choice but sometimes it can be expensive. Since you’re doing an efoil (as opposed to tightly packaged foil assist) you have a bit more room to work with and you can easily build a battery with plenty of power using lower amp cells. You can shop around a bit if you want to.

If you haven’t found them already, @ludwig_bre has made a few excellent YouTube videos about efoil battery packs that are worth watching:

His videos link back to the forum for a useful spreadsheet and he also has a little web tool for calculating pack heat generation.

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A few questions:

What is your logic behind the 120cm board length?

What is your logic behind the 14S battery?

Have you worked with fibreglass before?

Thaks for the advice @S_Roger !
The molicels, I aleready bought them.: Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh 45A Battery | INR-21700-P42A
At 4.45$ each, it was a good deal I think for the quality of those.

Thanks for the videos, I already watched them. I am a real newbie in this field, so I still need to read and learn a lot! I will watch them again!

What is your logic behind the 120cm board length?

  • I want it to be short enough for easy travel. I want it to be light enough for maximum distance capacity. And the only efoil I tried was this lenght.

What is your logic behind the 14S battery?

  • I want to have has much power I can when I will want to go full speed. I tought long and hard on a 12S10P instead, but for 20 more Cells, I said to my self: go hard or go home haha!

Have you worked with fibreglass before?

  • No never. I am a quick learner so I expect myself to be able to do a good job.

In any event you are off to a good start in buying quality components.

What are you thinking about for a foil. Gong imo makes great product at reasonable $

Thanks buddy!

For the foil, I got a F-One kit on marketplace for 600$. I think its gonna do just fine!

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Thanks @Foilguy for the tips!

I loooove doing artistic project, like building my own board, thats an other reason haha

Should I go 10S14P instead?? I would gain a good amount of foiling time by doing so!
Hummm, I’m torn between the two option now…

You’re better off with the 14s10p at a higher voltage for more power at start-up with less amps. You will get the same Wh out of a 14s10p as a 10s14p, distance will remain the same.


A number of us got 10S11P premade packs of 21700 cells from Battery Hookup. My initial intention was to build 12S packs from the cells but I found the packs worked for me as is during testing late last fall before end of season.

See this thread

Good to know! Thanks!

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I personally like keeping voltage on the lower end for what I understand is a safety factor.

Your cells go from 2.5V min to 4.2 max

So if you charge to max you are handling

4.2 x 10 = 42V on 10S
4.2 x 12 = 50V on 12S
4.2 x 14 = 59V on 14S
4.2 x 16 = 67V on 16S

Efoil battery packs store a LOT of energy BE SAFE :grinning:

I get your point!
Thats exactly why I want to follow a model for my batterie pack, to be as safe as possible.

Lots of posts, threads and opinions here about battery but imo you should think of the efoil in its entirety to end up with something your happy with.

Getting a board, battery, foil, motor, prop, controller that match your weight and riding style - waves, flat water cruise etc all have to work together.

16S in NOT wrong for a big rider on a low volume board who likes to go fast as they can. However that combo for a light rider on a high volume board who likes to just drive around cruising it’s likely not required.

Ultimately for you to decide what is BEST for you. Just keep reading and using quality as your baseline!:grinning:


Good mindset and thanks for the inputs!

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