BREmote - DIY Remote

These is, frsky can read it with their s-port on their receivers. It’s just a matter of finding Ng out how and implementing it.

Hi everyone,

Back from vacation, so gonna get going on the topics that came up during the last weeks.

Until then, as the dual motor has become quite popular, here a sketch how to connect two VESCs:

Will also put this to the GitHub soon, together with the firmware for that. Until then, to use diff. steering, please use this special firmware:

Regarding antenna orientation, parallel to the board should not matter. In general just place it as high as possible, try to avoid too much carbon fiber around it and as far as possible away from the VESC, as those seem to be quite ‘dirty’ in terms of EMC.


I’m getting one for my upcoming updated TOW. @Etiennebzh @Jesserosco are devils!

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Hi @ludwig_bre I updated my BRemote to 1.6.4 from factory version I don’t know from openfoil.
Vibrator doesn’t vibrate at start now - don’t know what is normal behavior. I try to change voltage parameter without success to try vibration again. I test the vibrator motor on a 3.7 200mah Li-Ion and it’s works.

Simple remark. When I receive my order from Openfoil, some polyurethane syringe was off from the kit mix in the bag so I had only 3.4ml instead 4.2 ml in the other syringe. In the video you say 5ml is necessary. As a result, I miss some foam in the remote to complete the “usb” plug

I send an email to openfoil but he didn’t respond yet. Now I need to find/source some PU foam 2 phase here in France.

I’am super happy with the Remote globally - very good part design like I love to do ! :grinning: you rocks !

just a question: how to charge the remote because it goes to sleep after a timer and when the remote is off, doesn’t seems to charge. Thanks for clarification !

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In the “normal” software, the vibrator should not vibrate at start. It only does that in the “test/buildup/demo” software, in order for the user to check the function before putting the foam in.
You should be able to force the remote to vibrate by setting the following parameter in SHARED_CONFIG:

      #define FOIL_VBAT_WARN_AT 120                //Percent at wich VESC Battery triggers a warning (%)```

I will contact Jasmin as well, I am sure he will send you more foam for free so you don’t need to buy it your own! Sorry for the incovenience.

As long as the remote is plugged into USB, it will charge. There is no indication on the remote for that, it will charge wenn being off. Let it charge for some time and see the battery level at powerup, it should have increased.

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I have had 2 bremotes fail due to saltwater getting into the battery cell, from the polyurethane not keeping the saltwater out. I would highly recommend filling them all the way with enough foam the first time, as these were the two I had to top up with foam.

When I fix these remotes, I’m going to seal the +ve end of the cell with epoxy before adding some PU foam.

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I implemented the feature - can be activated by enabling #define THR_TO_PWRUP
Will release to Github shortly, until then it can be downloaded here: LINK

Jasmin send me an email for PU Foam. Really really good support for an open source project !
thanks @ludwig_bre and OpenFoil :grinning:

1/ Vibrator motor is tested ok with the static “FOIL_VBAT_WARN_AT”
2/ PU foam complement will be send
3/ Level battery seem to stay @52 > perhaps a calibration issue ? will test it in few days.

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What are the INT_VBAT_FULL_AT and _EMPTY_AT set to?

I change them according to because I run 12s. But I just realize that naming is not clear

    //Internal Battery measurement
      #define INT_VBAT_CALIBRATION 0.004290224    //This converts ADC Bits to Voltage
      #define INT_VBAT_FULL_AT 504                //Voltage at which 100% internal Battery is displayed (100*V) DEFAULT 410 504
      #define INT_VBAT_EMPTY_AT 320               //Voltage at which 0% internal Battery is displayed (Also the protection limit), MIN: 34V (100*V) DEFAULT 340 320
      #define FOIL_VBAT_WARN_AT 20                //Percent at wich VESC Battery triggers a warning (%)

INT* is FOIL is VESC ? confuse me …

Finally default give good result and 99% battery full :upside_down_face: :joy:

      #define INT_VBAT_FULL_AT 410                //Voltage at which 100% internal Battery is displayed (100*V) DEFAULT 410
      #define INT_VBAT_EMPTY_AT 340               //Voltage at which 0% internal Battery is displayed (Also the protection limit), MIN: 34V (100*V) DEFAULT 340
      #define FOIL_VBAT_WARN_AT 10                //Percent at wich VESC Battery triggers a warning (%)

Trust me you aren’t the first to make that mistake. :joy::joy:


INT_VBAT is for the INTernal battery in the remote, this in in the config of Tx (don’t change)
VESC_BAT, that I renamed to FOIL_BAT (and forgot to update the readme) is for the battery connected to the VESCs, this is in the config of Rx (change to your pack)
I’ll make a better note in the instructions


Now it’s clear. No problem it’s works smoothly on the bench now. :grinning:

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