BREmote - DIY Remote

That’s because the 2nd output has no failsafe timer once the signal cuts off - only the main channel has
You can turn the main channel failsafe timer down, then both channels will stop early
For that, change

if(millis() - last_packet > 2000) in line 65 of Rx.ino
Change the 2000 to something smaller like 500

I’m just about to print the parts for my BREmote and have two questions. First is if the main-body-parts for the long range version are oriented correct for printing? Second question is if there are any stl-files for the magnetic connectors that I saw previous in the thread?

The main body parts need to be with the ‘inside’ of the remote down to the bed, not sure if I oriented them… you can post a picture if you like

And the magnetic connector needs the HandleBackCap_Mag.stl

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