Broken Fliteboard Mastbox

Hi there. I rode my Fliteboard for about the sixth time or so. I did not crash into anything, ever. Pulled it out of the water just to find this:

Has anyone experienced something like this? Why did that happen? I can only think of a production fault.


You are using a longer mast than standard Flite ones 95cm + the extended mast base you have so let’s say 100cm vs the longest one that Flite has which is 85 so you logically have more sideways load but I can’t see that as the cause.

Was your board used when you bought it? Perhaps earlier failure that was repaired???

Dam! Hope its warranty for you.

Probably a manufacturing fault, but could also be that one of the screws were loose, shifting load to that corner

Ever fall onto the foil? I’ve see that happen from that.

nope, never luckily.

I hope so as well. I called Fliteboard and send them pictures. now they wanted to have pictures of the mast and some kind of number I could have only gotten out of the Fliteboard-app. But I don’t use any other components from Fliteboard except from the board…

I told them that, will wait what they have to say about that. I have a feeling that because I am not using their components they might say it has to do with that. On the phone the women told me that it will probably be covered by warranty, but now that they know I am not using there stuff I am not so sure anymore…

Will see and I hope for the best.

I checked after I discovered the crack and all screws were equally tight, tight enough but not too tight. I also think that’s an manufacturing issue…

I thought about that too, but it can’t be that Fliteboard produces a board that barely holds together when using their components. Others jump with that thing and ride it in waves, a 10cm longer mast can’t be an issue. Also I am a very light rider, not more than 67kg. I have seen people ride an e-foil with well over 100kg of rider weight…

Also the board is brand new, bought it from Fliteboard directly, in august last year. Only got around the finish the electrical stuff a few months ago… Quite a bummer…

@David David Trewern the CEO of Fliteboard has been a member of this forum for years.

Fliteboard has a long standing policy of selling board only which is a logical fit for the DIY community and has an outstanding customer service reputation. Hope it works out for you


sadly it didn’t. Here’s what they wrote me in their mail:


Than you for your answer.

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover the repairs for using another eFoil on a Fliteboard, as the board was not used as intended and designed for.

To prevent the crack from worsening, we recommend having the board fixed. You can take it to a surfboard repair specialist or an authorized Flite Center (check out the map of our partner).

I’ll go ahead and close this ticket now, but feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Best regards,
Fliteboard Europe
Customer Experience Team

That sucks.

Have a look here. You might find a shop who can fix it.

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Ever fallen and landed on the board?

Nope, never. Luckily. That would have hurt…

I assume the board is manufactured from cobra as most surfboards are. Even they have some monday production that you would not expect from flite…Good news, someone with carbonfibre experience can easily repair it;-)

I made a wrong assumption, this is all wrong then, sorry …

Here is my 2 cents,
The fact it has broken at the back of the board confirms that you have not hit anything. I am thinking that the extra length of the Mast and the foil you have on the end is creating a lot of nose up pitch. Then you counteract it with weight. How much do you weigh and how forward were you on the board when you were riding it.
look at the videos of people your size riding fliteboard’s and where you were standing. When I designed my board I was cautious of this because of my weight and where the foil balanced. So my back foot is top of the mast to rearward of the mast. This balance point can be controlled by your foil setup.
So when you get it fixed (and its not a hard fix) you may want to change your foil setup.

its broken at the front of the mast, and not as you @HelpWoody are suggesting at the back!

I way 58kg and yes, it is broken at the front. I also mounted the mast again and pushed the mast with quite a lot of force into all directions (so that the mast itself bend) while standing on the board. I did not see the crack increasing or anything lifting. I hope it is some kind of cosmetic damage because of production failure. I will try to fix it myself.
I will keep you guys updated.

Can you post some photos of the inside of the cavity when you remove the box and before you start the prep to remount the box.

I’m curious about how the box is mounted during production.

Hope your repair is successful. :slight_smile:

Flite has sold thousands of boards, and from the various forums i follow this is an uncommon failure mode with normal use.

This could happen if the mounting bolts are too long, and bottom out in the bottom and would cause a split.

Have you tried inserting the bolts without the mast plate to see how deep they can go?

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