Complete Compact efoil propulsion unit with integrated electronics for DIY

Hello to all
we are currently finishing a new design for our inflatable efoil upgrade kit. To evaluate demand we would like to know if anyone of you would be interested in getting a mast with complete motor unit/duct and ESC motor controller built inside if we would provide as complete part?
It will fit all boards that have standard us box with 90mm screw displacement and it will fit all foils that have flat area on top to mount our mast.
As we see a lot of you spending more than 1500€ just on parts for engine ESC a.s.o we thought we could help you there in getting a prooven and efficient working propeller drive with integrated electronics. We could provide the whole drive unit with mast and ESC &remote for about 2499€ if we can produce in bigger numbers. It would fit to all batteries that provide 40-60V and we would provide acces to waterproof batteries too, if needed.

Please drop us a mail to so that we can evaluate demand. Availabiltity could be August 2020. We know that that a lot of you are able to build their own cheaper, but it might be not as durable and we know there are a lot out there, who don`t have time&possibilites to print or CNC those parts themselves… :wink:

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IMHO promising but a bit vague to attract people.
The good point is that the electric hatch is a battery hatch and reduced to a minimum size like Plurato from Croatia:

You need to provide more details:

  • type of motor /power, same quality with Flying Rodeo partnership : propeller + injected plastic duct ?
  • how will we connect our remote receiver to this mast with ESC ? Will there be a 5V-GND-PWM connector available ?
  • mast material. Is it inside the mast like the Duotone Daytona suggested here:

or is above the mast like suggested here

  • ESC water cooling ? Like this ?

I’m interested in seeing what you will be offering.

for all DIY that still have problems in ESC waterproofing or cooling, we provide that new ESC Box which usable on different masts and can host different ESCs. It has enough space to host most VESC event the trampa 75/200 and remote reciever as well. It comes with screws and seal and is perfect to put between mast / Board. This enables you to use almost all surf boards or even SUPs. Windsurf or Foil Boards that have the standard 90mm displacements us-box, will just easily fit. So it only has the output holes for the battery cables and antenna cable and thats what it makes so easy and universal to use…see pictures attached.

It comes complete with screws and seal , anodized alloy and is available now in limited stock. Drop us an email at
Cooling of the ESC is perfect and no problem up to 6kW! Efficency loss due to drag while not efoiling is about 100W, once flying and board is elevating of the surface the add. drag is gone, however provides still perfect cooling…

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How much is this selling for?

249€ as limited offer :wink:

That’s a really clean solution, i’ve planned something similar with a small alu electronics enclosure, that’ll work too but without the bells and whistles :smiley:

new high efficiency propeller available too now… works perfect for Liftfoil and maytech/reacher motors… About 800W consumption at 23km/h with 110kg total weight…
We call it hyperblade


Nice. Where did the initial idea come from ? What’s your source of inspiration ?
How do they compare to a 6x6 FR prop ? With and without duct.

about 20% better eficiency up to 23km/h about same to 28km/h and above that FR gets better :wink:

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Nice Prop. A little expensive.

I knew it looked familiar: :wink:

Hyperblade … nice name :slight_smile: Way cooler than the manufacturers “Q-Prop™”

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Hyperblade tech spec by copy/paste: :wink:


The new five blade propellers is the result of over two years of development and thousands of hours testing.

Designed to reduce noise, while still maintaining the efficiency of our best efoil four blade propeller.
Not only did we succeed in reducing the noise, but we also ended up with more thrust.

Noise reductions of up to 75% measured in controlled environments
The expected and tested normal noise reduction in “average setups” 20-40%
Quick and easy installation on 8 and 10mm threaded shafts
More thrust

Can we hire you as sales person? :sweat_smile:

but back to reality you did not read our insights giving you. It does not deliver more thrust with given motor but effeciency is better between 15-23km/h and it does not get more silent. actually it might be a bit louder… but the melody changes a bit as the sound of the whole system get`s a bit a deeper sound. Hard to describe…If we find time, we will do a video for you next week…But quite busy at the moment;-)

Frankly speaking foiling between 15 and 23 is quite boring.
Best speed is around 28-32 km/h


I’d say that playing behind a boat in a wake of fun at the 15-23kph speed, but then you want a folding prop. On a big open lake you sit more 25kph and up.
I actually think folding props are probably just better as they give you a slow range options and gliding and then faster options too.

I need to get my a in g and produce a proper prototype of my folding prop and then test a series of blades!


You would be a hero to many of us if there was a solid 3d printable folding prop model for the 65161 motor!

Look at the User superlefax, he have a flatable Prop for 3D printing.

The idea would be to have the hub made form either aluminium or acetal/delrin which is much better than 3D printing and then have options for users to 3D print blades etc…
As I said, everything is designed and ready, I just need time to cut a prototype…