Complete Motor Mast unit, high end like Liftfoils and usable with all VESC!

selling a brandnew efoil motor unit with mast. It is the Liftfoil Motor as you can see, just with standard LF mast. It can be used with all VESC or ESC and is acutally the best motor unit on the market with about 4000units sold.
Ready to install and watercooling pipe is prepared as well. However if you dont want to foil >35km/h you won t need it…
Make me an offer for this new masterpiece, but should be above 1679€ +shipping …

hey have you sold ths mast yet?

Hey Alex,
I’ve bought the unit and installed it on my V1 board. It’s working like a charm!

I wish you good luck in finding another FR Unit! Otherwise you could be looking into the 6516x motors, a lot of people here use that one successfully and it’s the next best inrunner available!