DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany

impressive printing quality mate! what printer are you using?

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Pictures of his printer:
'DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany - #9 by hangloose


@okp: Full modded Vyper

Once upon a time there was an Anycubic Vyper. Everything was replaced except the frame.


How do you get those beautiful textured faces on your receiver/batt display? I’m assuming it’s the type/brand of platen?

It’s a 3d printer pei plate

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Awesome design , pls share the pod file for axis alu on step or f3d file format . I would like to play around with this format . Thanks hips

Sorry, I never give out STEP or f3d files.

?why? I always share my steps no publicly but privately

Hello, which charger did you use?[quote=“lishine, post:73, topic:19307”]

Junsi iCharger X12

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The cables are finished with the MTW-60 connectors.
Everything soldered and filled with epoxy.

First setup, 6384 with FoldProp gives my pump setup. POD to approx. 30-10cm.

Second setup for pure efoil operation with HyperDrive for the 6384.

Third setup, sometime in 63100
with HyperDrive. :grin:


I like the zip ties on the mast trailing edge (*). The set looks ready/mature for mass production :slightly_smiling_face:

(*): wonder if there couldn’t be a sharp fairing on the trailing edge to close a proper streamlined profile up attached with the same zip tie.

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Good morning
where can I find the 18650 battery holders? Thanks again

It‘s a 21700 Battery Holder.
I don’t have the battery holder online yet.

Very nice setup, congrats !

Do you use maytech waterproofed 6384 kit ?

No. 6384 BDUAV and filled with epoxy and stainless parts.

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@vib.dxb: STEP Files now included at my printables!


Glad you saw the light of jesus and he guided you to upload the step files


Super cool design. Thank you for sharing! I finally got to building the connectors for my tow boogies. It is really going to improve the safety and will look a lot better! This is the new design for the top plate for the motor mounts.


Yeah. Very cool.
Good Idea with the connection mount :sunglasses: