DiY monofoil (Flying wing) efoils

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Designed for air or water, flying wings have looked the same for almost a century… But could they add anything to efoiling ?

So the question is when will the first flying wing efoil be tested ?
Flying wing hydrofoils do work since the Triton T1 released in Aug 2021:
Triton Foils releases the first accessible monowing: Triton T1 -
Their advantages are: low drag (-25% at comparable surfaces), maneuvrability, can be made in a single mold, easy transport (no fuselage) in car and plane, light : 1.25 kg, … large speed range, safety (no cutting stabilizer, thick wing tips) …

Triton sell their “wing-only” formula 1000usd. It should be possible to build a DiY one with hot-wired foam around a 3D-printed PETG centre core (a solid resin block in the original model) between two layers of CFK.

A similar post was opened by @rowen01960 in April 2020. Triton obviously copied Gurval LEGO 2019 work with his central reflex part… @Toto44, did you push your flying wing prototype forward ?


I made a copy of of the Tritton wing just by looking at the photos and movies. It works very well, I just had to change the angle of attack because the nose of my board was riding high. I haven’t put this wing on my efoil yet though.

The wing is 3d printed with carbon fibre rod stiffeners and an aluminium body where the mast bolts.

Because I copied the design I thought I best not release the files.

I was planning to design something from scratch based on similar ideas as you posted above like the Horton but slightly more swept.



Very nice @Gazman79 ! Does it float ? Could you post a pic of the aluminium body/core and how it is held all together ?

Found on Triton’s Instagram account, posted 2023 jan 07th : Credit Andrea Stancati on Lake Maggiore Italy:

The remote looked familiar, looks like a Triton T1 fitted under a Lift efoil…
Confirmed here
Long story short: he bent a Lift folding prop blade against a wood log during the T1 test ! He shows how he repaired it (a torch and a hammer).

Other possibility, the Spleene Monofoil from Germany:

Yes it floats very well even with an aluminium mast.

I haven’t got anymore pictures of the build, but here are some screen shots from CAD. The aluminium block is basically accurately cross drilled for the carbon fibre rods to pass through and everything epoxyed together, I actually use Methyl Methacrylate adesive.


Impressive, I didn’t expect this when launching the thread. Do you confirm that most parts except the core could be hot-wire cut before being glued and covered with carbon ?

Since you’ve never touched one and because you didn’t scan it + found your inspiration in photos + your design is different = this is the fruit of your imagination. You have no fear IMHO.
BTW, which airfoil section did you use ? Reflex obviously… What twist angle on the wings (wash out) ?

This is what Andrea Stancati says about efoiling on a monofoil : on 2022 dec 6:

Session 2 with the Tritonfoils T1 Monowing, this time with the LIFT 4.2, 32 mast, 
and most importantly the Stringy adapter.
With the short board, felt less the pitch sensitivity, however riding more 
aggressively it’s pretty evident that the moment the propeller breaches you will
take a dive (due to no gliding). It’s a lot of fun and i’m convinced it will benefit 
overall foiling skills, since  you  have to be 100% present and focused on foot 
placement, steady trigger and  connection with the elements.
I confirm my impression that it needs 20-30% more power output from the motor 
and battery consumption is consequently higher. Today I drained a full battery 
down to 20% in about 60 mins on power level 10.
So far i’m loving it. Looking forward to the further development of the T1 as a 
larger wing would be even better suited for efoiling.

My cores are 3d printed which creates the strength between the aluminium block, carbon rods and core, I think a hot wire cut foam core will be too weak to transmit the loads from rod to core.

The foil sections are nothing specific but created by studying the pictures and watching the videos, the same goes with the wash out.


can you compare consumption to the other wings?

Kitefoilers use sub 1m kite boards to optimize the maneuvrability.
For our use, to calm the beast down in pitch/roll/yaw without adding significant drag, I think that the model could be fitted with a 40cm hollow alu tube as a (stabless) fuselage which would be coherent with your alu core.
The trade model weighs 1.2kg. How much is yours ?

@Toto44, not tested under an efoil yet according to Gaz’ post #1.


My wing weights 1.6kg

No, I haven’t tested the wing with my efoil yet, I wasn’t going to because I’m enjoying my Gong Curve MT too much.

Mahalo Foil Lovers!
I’m thrilled to join this amazing community! I’ve been enthralled with foils since 2007 and been powered with kites/winds for nearly two decades. As a proud member of Moth sail boat flat, I relish in the search for something new - particularly here at where we can fly, float, ride or even levitate (almost impossible but doable!). And although not an absolute novice on “mono wings” and “tail less gliders”, my experience has allowed me to compete nationally & internationally too – so let’s get creative together!

Picture from the drlojz blog

It’s been an incredible journey working with brands like Naishkites, Flysurfer and several others to reflect on our experiences. We’ve gained valuable insights that have helped us move forward in a positive direction.

The Mono-foil is a fantastic piece of equipment with a surface area of 1400 and double kick wings, also referred to as gull wings. These unique features provide the foil with exceptional Yaw stability, making it stand out from other foils available in the market. The initial files only contain wing information, without any fuselage or mast connection required. To ensure a smooth start, keep the mid-section at 0°deg AOA! Overall, this is an impressive product that guarantees great performance on water.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some files with the community for personal use. However, if you require these files for commercial purposes, kindly contact me directly at and ensure that intellectual properties are respected. Thank you.

Files included the *.step wing and the *.obj, mould /one side/ for possible 3D print
Mono step file
Molds Top Bottom

Happy foiling

touch and go


@drlojz That all looks great! The google drive link shows as being restricted, Could I get access to the STEP files?

@Willy510 and all the others, sorry for the restricted access to the files on the drive.
Hope it will works now, if not send me e-mail on
and I will send you the files direct :slight_smile:

touch and go

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To learn how to make composites from a 3D printed mold, there is @visor360 post :

pointing to his site where access should be free (correct me if I’m wrong):

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”Excellent yaw stability” as you mention about the monowing is strange to me, is it that the wing is very stable in going forward (and slow turning)?

To me that’s not really what i want, how is the feel of the wing when carving? Is it agile?

Does the monowing produce nose lifting torque like our foil stabilisers do?

Proof of concept.
Mono_wing_foil meet Dakhla wind&water!
Short video of yaw, pitch and roll stability demonstration
Or how easy this foil works :slight_smile:
Do not judge my foiling skills. Because I spent much more time
On comp & workshop then on the water :slight_smile:
So I guess I’m a computer-foiler now!

touch and go


I had a look at the step files but they were corrupt for me (several gaps) so to check this foil out i would need to draw them from sections…

Dated May 5th 2023, a test of the Triton-X1

'Triton Foils on Instagram: "First ride on a Lift efoil 🚀🚀🚀 #liftefoil #HydroFoiling #wingfoiling"


Interesting project from Kian here with an outstanding adaptor between a Gong mast and the 2023 X1 monowing for wingfoils :


@Kian, how are your efoil tests going ? Why did you choose the wingfoiling specific design of the X1(1885cm2, 1500usd) over the T1 (1700cm2, 1350usd) ? As surfaces are nearly equal, a question of volume therefore lift at low speed to bear the extra 30kg of your efoil ? It would be interesting to test your efoil on the (thinner) kitesurf specific T1
Do you agree with the above X1-description page ?

Because the X-1 does not have a tail wing there is no increasing front foot pressure and you enjoy a neutral stance regardless of foil speed.
It delivers excellent low-end power and impressive top end speeds
Wing it, kite it, wake foil it, efoil, or prone it. Or do it all!


We had a long discussion with Chris (the co-founder) from Triton about the X1 and T1, and which version would be better for our needs.

He told us that the T1 would not even come close to the X-1’s superior glide characteristic for the eFoil.

Besides this Andrea Stancati (On Instagram andrea_stancati) who has both the T1 and X1 under his Lift eFoil told us that both wings were totally different.

The X1 is a very easy allround wing with a decent glide.

The T1 a speed monster, but super sensitive. It’s either full on or full off. Stall speed is very high, unless you are kiting with it. The moment you drop speed by a tiny bit it drops.

I have not tested the setup as one of the reasons is that I am still recovering from a knee operation (torn ACL with skiing).
It’s also winter here in the Netherlands (I know this should not be an excuse).