Eduard´s Build from Germany

Thanks. 10mm seems quite thick. Do you think there would be any strength sacrifice with 5mm?

10mm is quite stable. I can’t estimate 5mm. I tried to make everything robust. Maybe too much?:smiley:

Amazing build !! The quality is insane !
Which latch did you order ? (The metal part used to lock by turning 90°) ?

Congrats to the build, looks really good. Do you have a link to the blue part screwed to the inside of the hatch, the part that holds the lever of the latch?

Thank you very much. I bought the parts at Flying Rodeo.

Hi. Amazing build! Are the latch waterproof? Because I have also build any on aliexpress and they are not waterproof!

Other question! How have you seal the mast plate to the board? Any pictures?

The latch is not 100% waterproof. A little water will get through. In the learning phase (often diving the board) about 1h I had in the basket only little water (about 150ml). I am not sure if the water came through the latch or through the lid seal. But this is no problem for me, because the battery box and the electronics box are also sealed.

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this was the part I’m interested in, did you get that from FR?


Yes, thats a FR fitting.

I already answered that question.

Hi you have build a amazing Flyboard but which Motor have you used?

As mentioned the one from Flying Rodeo

WOW ! great !
what ist the electric setup?
Ducted Propeller , Gear , Motor , ESC ,Battery … ?

Very nice build. You are inspiring me to start my 3rd build.

Please read my profile and my topic carefully.
Thank you


Awesome looking build, what is final thickness of the board, 30cm?
30cm seems really thick. I’m 127kg and was thinking of making mine 15cm thick.

Thanks, the thickness is 14 cm.

Ok, for a moment I thought i was going to waste time to make a board that was going to be small on volume.

Hi. Can you give the link to get the mast? Seems like the supplier only sells the wings and the fuselage.