Eduard´s Build from Germany

which parameters do you want to have?

I would love to know the length, the wide and the thickness of the board. I am thinking of making it from high density foam, therefore I need to shape it myself. Thanks so much.

Hi, you can find much information in my topic.

What concern me the most is the top of the board where there are some curves. Could you share the detail design of the board? That would be so great ^^

I don’t have any drawings for this because I did it intuitively. I can send you some pictures.


I like the color and grip tape

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THANKSSS! You did a great work <. I will try my best

Great work @edivory! How did you make the carbon fiber foil mount and the stringers?

Pictures say more than a thousand words!
These are several layers of carbon fiber laminated on a glass sheet and pressed together in a vacuum bag. For more thickness, more layers - very simply. Inserts are glued into the thicker areas for the attachment of batteries, electronics, etc.
The mounting plate for the mast also consists of several layers of carbon fiber. The necessary slots are then milled in the plate.The pass-through for the cables is made exrta and later glued into the plate. :smiley:

Hi, what material did you use you the gasket? Thanks :slight_smile:

The seal I bought from FR (Flying Rodeo)

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Did you make this by yourself? Did you buy cassestes and than laminate them with carbon to get plate profile?

I laminated this entirely myself. Are several layers (so thick in the area of ​​the slots that the slotted nut fits). Then slots and pockets are milled for the nut. The millings are then covered again with laminate. Pretty complex!

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Hello Eduard,

congrats on amazing looking board!
I was wondering if you could describe me the procces of making and inserting inserts for hatch and for cam locks. How did you laminate carbon over the holes for screws? Did you drill a holes thru carbon after? How did you manage to fill the holes to prevent epoxi from coming inside?

I glued the inserts in with epoxy. You can fill the holes with the candle wax so that the epoxy cannot penetrate. Laminate on top. Then drill through the laminate and scratch out the wax.


Are the inserts made from plastic? (3d printed?)

The threaded bushings are tapered in 3d printed blocks of PETG + 3mm fibreglass panel, see picture. IMG_20221214_171121_edit_364476391610010