Eduard´s Build from Germany

this one looks promising or?

Yes it should 2:1 …

just ordered it 10€ for shipping :frowning: thanks though.

Amazing build, I have a question if you don’t mind. My build is very similar to yours and I’m wondering if you could tell me what the distance is from the centre of the mast hole to the back of the board if you don’t mind?

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Beautiful work, I love German precision and sophistication. It is treated as Mercedes or Porsche.:+1::+1::+1::heart_eyes:

Hi, first of all thank you very much for the praise. The distance from the center of the mast to the rear edge of the board is 38cm. Board size 167x69x14cm.

Big help thanks again :+1:, I’ve gone with 31cm as my board is 146x62x12, my esc box will be covering half the hole similar to yours. Wish I had a CNC to hand, I’ve made a jig for the router which hopefully will do the trick, really don’t want to have to shape another board :weary:. The seal on top of the mast clamp, have you made that as my FR mast doesn’t have this also did you use M6 or M8 bolts to fasten to the board?

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I bought the seal from FR. The mast plate is fixed with M8.

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How’s the your remote’s signal through all this carbon? Do you use a maytech V2 remote?

I have my own remote. I use LoRa module with 868MHz. DIY Waterproof remote
The signal just has to go through the hatch. This is 4 layers of carbon. The antenna is outside the electronics box (see photo).
The signal strength is excellent, because the low frequency has better pervasion.


Hallo Eduard,
das sieht alles super aus.
Melde dich doch mal bei mir. Bin aus Heilbronn


We are planning to make one for ourselves. Now, we are wondering about the board, so it would be so nice if you could send us the parameter of the board that you made. Thanks so much.

which parameters do you want to have?

I would love to know the length, the wide and the thickness of the board. I am thinking of making it from high density foam, therefore I need to shape it myself. Thanks so much.

Hi, you can find much information in my topic.

What concern me the most is the top of the board where there are some curves. Could you share the detail design of the board? That would be so great ^^

I don’t have any drawings for this because I did it intuitively. I can send you some pictures.


I like the color and grip tape

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THANKSSS! You did a great work <. I will try my best

Great work @edivory! How did you make the carbon fiber foil mount and the stringers?