Efoil homemade feedback after 1 year of ride

Feedback after 50/60 hours of ride :slight_smile:

No issue on motor, gearbox (sss 500kv, neugart 5:1)
I have 2 lipsseal after the gearbox => no leak but the shaft after the last lipseal is a little corroded (bad shaft)
I changed my ESC by a flier 400A because the seaking was too hot without watercooling

I installed another copper/alu cooling on the back of this ESC (very nice 40/50°c inside the box, without water cooling)

I improved the cooling of lipo aluminuim box, add two opening on the back of the board, and change the top cover’(in plexi) by an aluminium plate.

No issue/leak on the remote but the coating has yellowed,

the safety works perfectly, the power stop imediately when you fall

So I’m very happy with this efoil, but the main problem for me is the weight, that why I started a new Efoil in full carbon and a diet :):slight_smile:


Hi Jeff, good job! That is a long runtime.
Can you tell me more about your safety switch?

I use a kilovac relay and magnetic switch with a little relay for reverse the signal
F0420401-01 coupe-circuit-stage6-aimante-s6-905_01

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Nice job! What is the current operating weight?

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Thanks for the feedback! Congrats on a successful build with so much run time!

What is your feedback on the DXF batteries? I haven’t seen this brand before but looks like a cheaper option. Where did you get them from?

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which kilovac relay do you use ? did you connected it betwween the two 6s or battery/esc?
thank you

Efoil + 2 batteries 12S 20A => 17.5 kg + 5 kg = 22,5 kg
Efoil + 2 batteries 8S 22A => 21 kg

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I’m going to complete the lipo feedback post soon
here : Lipos : test, feedback, temp,
but to summarize they heat less than the multistar
it’s 25C, multistar 10c (in reality only 3/4 C)

this kilovac :

Nice work! :smiley: What kind of lip seals did you use? Ebay link?

thank you!

I have 2 lip seals
and this one : https://fr.rs-online.com/web/p/joints-et-joints-toriques/8289119/?relevancy-data=636F3D3126696E3D4931384E525353746F636B4E756D6265724D504E266C753D656E266D6D3D6D61746368616C6C26706D3D5E5C647B367D247C5E5C647B377D247C5E5C647B31307D2426706F3D313426736E3D592673723D2673743D52535F53544F434B5F4E554D4245522677633D4E4F4E45267573743D38323839313139267374613D3832383931313926

Do you have a picture of the propulsion unit?:slight_smile: any issues with it?


No issues with it
I just need to replace my 8mm shaft due to a Corrosion

that’s why it’s important to have 2 lip seals :slight_smile:


Good afternoon, Jeff. Could you show me the exact wiring diagram? I’m not very good at electrics, please tell me how or more precisely what is the small relay magnetized to? Thank you very much in advance!

Things happen in this thread now:
Efoil V3 - STL files for Gong foil and Flipsky motor 12mm - Parts list - Schematics

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thanks SoEfoil

Farid => it’s my 1st Efoil, but the schematics is the same like my V3