Efoil V3 - STL files for Gong foil and Flipsky motor 12mm - Parts list - Schematics

Presentation of my last efoil, this is my third efoil.
The goal was on this model to make it simple and fast and to be able to use the aircraft in wingfoil and Efoil.
it works very well, the front wing is very easy to ride and consumes only 23A (foil out of the water)
Motor 120kv flipsky, VESC6 flipsky, remote mayteck V2, foil gong XL curve, board homemade in carbon, battery 12S 22000 mah, and water pump 5V

and my two previous version


Hey, very cool build and extremely nice video. What prop are you using and how long does the battery last?

Prop flipsky with modification, 45/50 minutes for 75kg


Beautiful work and beautiful nature. Where is?:heart_eyes:

Hi J,

Looks amazing with very nice video as well.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Are you using the VESC6 with water cooling? how? can you send some pic of your electronic setup?
  2. how did you cut the prop? can share the scheme please?



your duct looks very good. Did you laminat it?
Mine looks like this:


Monteynard lake in the Alps


Yes VESC6 with water cooling

And for the prop I don’t have a shape, I cut it "guesswork " :slight_smile:

The water suction on the nose and the drain

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No just printed in PETG

Mine dissolved without laminating after first run. Please tell me how long yours is keeping up.

23А? - that’s amazing, what peak current you have?
You have said “Prop flipsky” - that means you have bought it together in bundle for 120kv motor? Or this model of prop for 100kv model?
What total weight (or w/o battery) of this build?

here all .stl files for gong mast and flipsky motor 120kv 12mm
A lot of files found on the forum many thanks at all the community
and some creation or modification



23A it’s without duct. with the duct : 35 / 37 A
Yes it’s the prop sell with the 120kv
Efoil + battery => 24 kg


In this scenario not amazing, it’s usual, lol :slight_smile:
I have received email from flipsky about prop.
They have said that it possible buy prop separately for 120kv model, and that they have developed this prop for 120kv model, but I don’t see any difference with prop for 100kv motor, but we all on this forum knows that prop for 100kv motor required some “fixing” in case 120kv motor

Motor proposed from flipsky as “motor developed for 120kv”

the same (?) prop on Banggood

I don’t see any difference… and you?

I was checking mast clamp back and front stl files but I dont see nut placement to tighten mast front and and back part! Wondering how you managed to secure front part to back clamp after screwing motor in the back part

Now I see how it works! the right question is what is the screw size

M5 X100


no difference only the shaft

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Test new prop shape today 18A vs 23A old shape. Very nice :slight_smile: but I have some whistling


Great project, Congratulations

I builds an efoil with a similar setup, currently completing parts

I have a questions … is this an additional capacitor? What are the parameters?

What is the diameter of the propeller after modification