Efoil V4 - Gong foil veloce XXL / trampa VESC 6 MK5 / flipsky remote and motor / flite prop / samsung 35E 12S12P

12 series batteries by 12 parallel batteries (144 total)

The cells in series give you the tension in volts and the cells in parallel give you the amperage of your pack (its autonomy)

Yes the kilovac work like a relay.
and yes the kilovac cut the power to the VESC.
I know that there are a risks, but after 4/5 years I didn’t destroy any ECS or VESC
A lot of beginner use all my Efoils with a lot of falls and power cut
I prefer to take the risk of burning a VESC and keep all my fingers :slight_smile:
And I saw my V1 go without me on it before I installed this security system :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info, 100% agree with you!

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battery finished 12S/12P 42AH :

I shutdown the battery with my phone and I can start it when I plug the
charging connector. No need to open the covers anymore


Have you seen this amazing Warrior 6 from ZESC, 58V 70/120A, 139USD, 82x56x21mm, small brother of the Raiden 7



:flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Amazing, i love it, very nice this ZESC, but too late for my V4
the power cable is very small 14AWG :flushed:
it will heat up

Nice work!

One question, no “reinforcement” to the series connections?
I am asking because I am building the same and thinking of reinforcing the strips in the series.
I am doing 2x 6s12p with 0.15 strips 7mm wide. Or is it ok like this?


Yes really nice stuff.

The designer says it’s been tested and that the special type of silicon can handle that.
Should 14AWG heat up with your 18-23A continuous ? :wink:

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Did you put fishpaper between paralel groups?
I only see it on top of the cells and around first paralel group on finished battery.

I’m not sure if the contactor creates much spark with the vesc, but you may want to add a pre-charge circuit to the contactor to prevent it from fusing. (I had to do this on my solar inverter system after killing one)

My first objectif is done, Efoil Fit in my ranger :slight_smile:

And I received today my precious !

Now I waiting the end of the confiment in France to test it
I also filled my 2 flipsky motors with corrosion X with 110ml


@jeffM, To fill it with corrosion x, do you open it from the propeller end?

dang son, that’s not a cheap prop! Please review once you ride it some

Yes, you need to open the motor at the rear.
You can find the procedure on the forum, I don’t remember where.
A lot of Efoil builder did that

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@Lambis You can find it here New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150


The test Today => Sucess :grinning: :heart_eyes:
I tested for 1 hour with no problem.
max temperature of VESC 37 ° C, very happy with the cooling without pump.

I installed a new antenna on the nose, under the pad, for a better reception
Because with this small board, there is too many water on the center of the bord when I start

I am a little disappointed with the FR prop, it is more powerful but consumes more
: mini 23A, and it’s too loud for me.
I’ll try again tomorrow, with less wind


1st Rescue yesterday :slight_smile:
due to a stupid fuse holder conception and a nut forgotten on the fuse holder
everything is fixed now :heart_eyes:
I saw an Efoil takuma yesterday at Monteynard (rental E-Foil)
it’s really big and not very handy

the result of a loose connection

stupid idea to print a fuse holder :slight_smile:
and I forgot this nut

fixed with a commercial fuse holder

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My opinion, things like that should be bought from a good company and not build DIY.

I am using in my builds Marine resettable fuses 150A on the Battery side.
I use them also as on/off switch.


you’re right that’s why i say it was a stupid idea.

I also use Marine resettable fuses for my last E-foil, but for this build, I wanted to test a fit conception.

On this issue, the root cause is the forgotten nut, the connection loosened and there was heating, the plastic melted and isolated a terminal. there was no electric arcing, the fuse is ok. just a melted plastic.

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