Zesc Raiden-7 new 16s ESC for us Efoilers

Just recieved a Raiden-7 ESC from Zesc.
They ship from China, but it was only 4day with DHL.
Have not tested it on efoil yet, but it looks as good in reality as on the homepage.
If it works well, then I will never buy the 75/300 again as this one has much more convenient form factor and battery/phase connectors.
I set the cap at 120A anyways and have really efficient passive cooling on the board from alu-enclosure, so I’m hopefull.

Feel sorry for all the people with the Flipsky 75/200 problems, glad I did not go down that road.


Looks like a potential Tsunami… 189usd, 89 x 71 x 25mm, plastic top and aluminium bottom, five possibly right angled 4mm screw terminals, IMU :star_struck:

The esk8 post: https://forum.esk8.news/t/zesc-raiden-7-release/48716 [Third batch is coming! Will be available soon!]

Would you have a picture of the bottom of this ESC ? How do you ensure the perfect contact ?
I look forward to seing your ESC inside the alu-enclosure and your first tests.

Its a flat anodizwd alu surface so no condictivity issues with some paste in between. There are 12 M2 90*head screws and some do protrude lightly. Took them out and countersunk a bit more. Top is 3D printed using SLS technology. One of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Also the upper solderpoints look really flawless.
Have only run a benchsetup sofar. Works the same as 75/300. But raiden has its own FW as well. It does not have BT build in.
They insisted on pre-order and i felt it was like a scam. Think i got it at 160$ with some discount code.
The proof is in the first testrun and this will take me a month as I still have one more project to finish with the heavy trampa and all its soldering.
Recommends as it looks like the real deal and even has the IMU built in and working (all other 75v wesc lack this)

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Just removed the pcb. There is some conductive pads below, but all the power FETs are on the top!?

Not the best design for conductivity. I will definately give this on the @Flightjunkie treatment and fill up with corrosion X and swal edges with epoxi.

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I use 5kg alu box in my inflatables and have the vesc in a separate box welded to the bottom. I have never seen above 40*C on the trampa sofar with this method of passive cooling.

I think it is not that bad, the FETs heat does not dissipate well throught the plastic case but through copper vias on the PCB side. Therefore they put the pink thermal pad to thermally connect the PCB below the FETs with the aluminium heat sink. Better than many other Chinese ESCs with thermal pads on platic cases and a heat sink on top.

Just wondering if the Zesk Raiden-7 had been tested on the water … :call_me_hand:

No Sorry. Projects are going slow at the moment. I use it on my Sons RC car in the meantime.
So I really can not vouch for how it works out thermal wise when pushing it.

I just went for my first ride of the season. Everything went great. When I went to charge my battery after the ride I found black soot on one of my phase wires. There was some water in my enclosure. I think the VESC still works, but I can’t use it like this. Not happy.
So I started looking for options other than the 75/300 VESC from TRAMPA. I found this conversation. I am very interested in what ever observations you guys have.

Hurts my eyes to see this after my 3 failed ones last year.
None where damaged like this. Waterdamage is the worst.
This type is not very repairable and Trampa has no chance.
There is a guy in Gothemburg Sweden who gave mine a shot.
He managed to repair 1 out of 3 for 130€. Would advice to go Zesc, even if untested by me.

Have anyone tested zsec with like 100-120 amp load? How big heatzink is needed for that load?

Looks like it can cope, especially if 120A is a takeoff (= boost) value…

The TRAMPA 75/300 was suppose to be over kill. It looks like a few drops of fresh water destroyed it. Now my tears are on it. My bad.
I will put it on my shelf of other things I will try to fix some day. I need a bigger shelf.
I just ordered the Zesk Raiden-7.

I just ordered the Raiden 7 also. Hope to get it soon and test it on one of my DIY efoil. I’ll share results in the next few weeks. I’ll plan for two cooling option, either using the alu box I have build for the battery protection (400mm x 80 x 5) should cary some heat away, or a 80x80 mm water cooling block that I attach to the pump I already have installed for the other ESC.

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I have a water cooled aluminum block I used to cool the VESC. I plan to use that to cool the Zesc.

The ZESC Raiden 7 arrived about a week ago. It is nowhere near as robust as the 75/300. I like everything about it except I am worried that it wont handle the current.
Some initial measurements.
With PWR switch on, no load, no receiver. 25 mA.
With PWR switch on, USB COM 3 active 27.3 mA.
With PWR switch off, 0.9 mA.

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Looking forward to hear your result after testning it in water. I hope it Will work well with start amp around 140A or similar.
How much amp do you configured on your old 75/300 vesc?

My plan is to make a water cooled, oil filled enclosure for the ZESC.

Almost ready to give the ZESC a try.

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I ran it for for about 20 mins. It worked perfectly. I am 190 pounds. Took off at 100% speed. It was a little weak on takeoff. I pumped it only 1 time and I was flying. The photos show my settings. I have never played around with settings much but it appears I could make it more powerful on takeoff by bumping up the MAX motor or Battery current .
I run 30Q 14S x 12P.