ESC Flycolor X Cross HV3 settings on BlHeli 32

Hello everyone,

As several people use this cheap and nimble ESC now for their Faux Drive, I’d like to go a bit further in the settings using BLheli32.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube but this is more about drone and very high KV motors.

Does anyone know which parameter would be interesting to adjust for our low KV (130/190) foil assist motor to optimise the system in terms of current consumption, heat , trigger behaviour etc…

Personally for the moment I set the:
-Temperature protection
-Current and voltage protections
-Timing at 1deg because I’m on 12S system


I bought one of these

Do I need anything else to connect to a Flycolor Flydragon 150amp?

This Flydragon does not use BLheli32 as software.

Only Flycolor X cross

How do you know the timing setting depending on voltage ?


I mean, I decreased the timing at maximum to have the minimum rpm on 12S (still 7000 rpm) to prevent excess work on ceramic bearings.

It’s not really how timing should be used, right?

Higher timing has higher rpm, higher heat, less efficiency and less torque. So decreasing the timing to the lowest point needed is best.

Thanks mate.
Might be time for an upgrade. :grinning:

What i mean is that it depends on the motor and esc combination which timing is the best. If it was generally best at low timing it would not be needed as a function and setting it low to get lower rpm could in some cases both lower efficiency and rpm.

I should have said for our type of applications low is best… For high rpm applications then you’d select higher. But with modern speed controllers setting to auto allows the esc to get the best of both worlds.

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Hi @Etiennebzh - newbie question, how did you connect the ESC to BLheli32?

I connect the X cross to Blheli32 via the USB dongle showed by @cephalofoil on this thread and the BLheli android phone

app. Very easy and quick to change settings on site.



Flycolor X Cross HV3

Does anybody know how the ESC determines the number of cells in order for low voltage protection to work? Since via BL Heli 32 you can only set a per cell voltage limit?

Is it some sort of estimation it makes by looking at the total pack voltage and chooses the closest number of cells assuming it’s fully charged?

If that is the case it would be a real issue connecting a battery not fully charged as it multiply the per cell voltage limit by incorrect number of cells. E.g my pack is 10s. If I connected a pack that wasn’t fully charged, would it think it was perhaps an 8s and then multiply cell voltage protect of say 2.8v x 8 giving 22.4v? Which would be much lower than desired for 10s pack voltage.

Hope my question makes sense.

I’m going to assume it does a calculation to figure it out…

On my Foil Assist, I set it to 2.8 and it’s working very well, I never go under on my 12S.

It slows down the propeller and I come ashore by assisted paddling . I love this ESC

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Can you set cell type in the settings? The lifepo4 and lipo difference needs to be covered somehow, and how does a calculation even work for lipo, it won’t?

36V 12x3 empty 12s battery
Same as
36V 10x3.6 nominal 10s battery

This is all i could find in the user manual. Doesn’t seem to have any settings specific to Liion. Exactly my point about calculation. I guess will have to test it by running it to a low voltage protect and checking against pack voltage with 2 different packs and seeing if it is able to accurately detect number of cells.

Have you tried a different battery config (say 10s) and seen if it still kicks in at 28V total pack voltage? i cant work out how it would know number of cells and adjust for total voltage, other than doing a calculation based on its start voltage - which seems risky in the event that a slightly discharged pack is connected.

I assume it assumes a full voltage pack is plugged in.

I payed intention to my cutoff today, set at 2.8 V, I went until the end of my battery which corresponds to the inability to take off, the ESC slows down the system at 2.87 V. It Works.

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