Fliteboard prop for Flipsky 65161

There are several existing threads that refer to this issue but none seem to be current as of July 2023.

These are the two props currently offered by Flite. The $35 version appears to be a different shape than the previously posted photos. Those photos look more like the “Trueglide” version which is much more $

Can anyone confirm that the current $35 version is a good prop to modify for the Flipsky 12mm threaded shaft?

This is the link to the page I captured the images from.

That’s a new design, good catch! will try it on my next build.

For 35usd and being a flite part i’d just buy it and test, the old one is great.

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I don’t think it’s a new design, the picture is just taken from a different angle. I ordered one in 2021 that looked different on the Flite shop but it turned out to be the same shape (with Spok ears) I already had.

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I found this excellent drawing by @superlefax on one of the other threads and I had three questions

  1. Can someone confirm that both the 8.1 and the 10.95 shaft pathways should be reamed out to 12mm?

  2. If so could I successfully use a hand reamer set to incrementally enlarge the hole as I don’t own a lathe or drill press.

  3. I believe the original Flipsky shaft pin is smaller than the receptacle slot in the “base” of the Flite prop. Can anyone suggest a way to use the original pin or is the size difference so insignificant that the slight play wouldn’t matter?

Yes same “other thread”, by @sat_be

'Fliteboard prop alternative to FR? - #165 by sat_be

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You could do as I did for my lathed shaft, but from 4 to 5mm the sleeve would be very thin @.5mm wall thickeness.

The pin from stainless steel consists of two parts, a main part (on the right) and a sleeve (on the left). The hole in the shaft is only 3mm as it is made from aluminium. Should also work with 4mm.
Or just use a 4mm shear pin with a bit of play, works as well.


Thanks for this but I don’t have the tools or talent to achieve this :grinning: I’m a bit envious of the skill level of the participants here.

I did find this on the Flipsky site which matches the motor shaft I have

The original pin that comes with the Flipsky prop appears to be 4mm based on this drawing and what I read with my old school non-digital calliper.

My preference is to just use this pin for the Flite prop but I have a mild concern that over time that little bit of play might cause a tearout and leave me stranded.

Can anyone confirm that they have used the original pin and it has not caused any problems?


Thanks for this link. I knew I had read about the pin size in one of the threads but had lost track of which one.

Have you modded one of the Flite props for the model of motor I have?

It would be cool if someone with the right tools could modify some of these flite props to fit the 65161 with M8 treaded shaft and resell them.

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No I haven’t but it is on the To Do List :wink:

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Or use a 4mm shear pin with 4/5mm ID/OD silicon sleeves… and change them once a year

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No I havent tried with play but you could either 3d print a sleve or just cut 2 pieces of a 5x4 tube like this:
Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! US $0.56 37% Off | 1-10pcs 304 stainless steel round capillary 1-12mm seamless straight tube round capillary tube length 250/500mm capillary

You only need a vice and a metal saw.

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Good track but two possible issues with this link: 1-the is SS 304 and not 316 2- gap between 5x3 and 6x2 (no 5x4 whereas 3x2 and 4x3 are allowed)

304 is ok for this purpose.

I stopped looking at the 250mm long :wink:

I like the 3D printed sleeve idea, thanks for the suggestion as that lines up better with my skill set. I had one 100m paddle in and my shoulders were sore for a few days. I don’t need any more of that if I can avoid it😀

Sure, i use it since two years with zero issues.

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Thanks. Nice to know that it’s not a problem.

Did you ream the entire shaft pathway to 12mm?

Just out of curiosity. What would you pay for one in USA $?