Flying Fish Jet Drive Build

Hi All

Just wanted to share some fun videos from my jetdrive testing. It has been alot of trial and error.

This prototype carbon/kevlar board was shaped by my friend at maybe he can shape you one too.

Here is the video of my first jetdrive testing. I have a VAT on it during testing. I also kept the foil covers on to not scratch the kiddie pool.

It is still too cold to ride so I am testing on land. More to come.

Not sure if I am pushing enough water to fly yet.


Motor =$150
2 x 22AH 6S Batteries =$850
Lipo Charger = $140
300Amp ESC =$300
Foil =$800
Custom Carbon Fiber Board =$900
Misc Parts Collars, 8AWG wires, water pump, connectors, cam latches = $200
3D print filaments = $100

CAD Files




Looks great MauiMan!
If you get that thing deeper and give it full throttle you may get flying, the one issue I see is your nozzle and vein combo. The veins will break way quickly (first short test ride likely) then you need to reprint the entire thing.

What we did was make the nozzle, then make the vein fit inside with 2 screws through the nozzle and into EACH vein. This way, when one breaks you just swap it with a new one. They are quick to print, easy to change VS Nozzle/Vein Combo. One nozzle lasts a LONG TIME compared to the Stators. :slightly_smiling_face:


You are spot on, I see some stress lines on the stator wings already. Your suggestions are very sound. I will make modifications and test some more.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


re-printing now with the new stator.

If you want to know how much, here at 0:40 @Frage is showing a straight forward solution :grinning:


Yes 10$ Solution + (the price of the swimming pool) :wink:


That is genius! I love it.

Looks awesome MauiMan!

Thanks Chris! And thanks for the guidance, your advice is really helpful.

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Great. He looks strong Will you share the 3d model

Hi MauiMan,

That is a really professional looking build and by the amount of water you were throwing out of that pool, I bet it will fly!!! I was wondering, do you use gears or have you found the magic motor to do a direct drive? I didn’t see any gearing in your price list. I’m looking to get started and I think I need to find the right motor first.

Thank you for sharing your great build!

Thanks Matt!

I am using the SSS 360 KV Motor direct drive so no gearhead. It draws alot of current so I think a lower KV would be better if you like jets and no gear. I have been in search for a 200-260KV motor with alot of torque but it is very difficult to find. Let me know if you have any luck.


Has anyone tried the 56200 motor with any good results

Very well done, MauiMan, I’m impressed you run a 3d printed impeller. I would pulverize mine one (but probably I push too much rpm). In my build here I started with a fiberglass one and I had to move to carbon fiber.
Do you use any trick?

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@Paolo. I am using carbon embedded PLA for 3D print and then I coated it with Epoxy for re-enforcement. it has not broken so far. :sunglasses:

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what a great build. Looking forward to see how this motor performs. I’m starting a build and heading in the jet propulsion direction

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What’s the outer diameter of your impeller?

I made the same size as the MHZ 64mm impeller.


What kind of thrust and current draw are you getting with your 64mm impeller?

I am not sure of the specific thrust but I was able to ride around on my stomach not flying though. I ordered a new 500kv motor to get more RPMs. I will have better results to share after I upgrade.