Foil Drive Assist, DIY

Thank you :slight_smile: And can you kindly clarify, the three holes circled in yellow align to three of the four holes in any generic 6384?

I can confirm that they do align on both the generic buav 6484 motors you can get on eBay and AliExpress plus the genuine saite motors that foil drive use that you can purchase directly through alibaba (minimum order quantity of two though).


Install another plug to the right or left of the box. Just give enough room that it won’t hit the box when you bail.

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The new ones are 2 parts see screw on back

Yep line up with the cheap motors of ali express.

This prop us probably the single most expensive part of my build :joy:

What do you think?

The box is about 3cm high. Includes everything - battery, esc, receiver.
Maybe separated into two parts, the battery to be exchangeable.
This is a real model: Axis board FD 5’19", foil 1040

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I welded a new 12s3p battery using cheap Lichen elements. The previous 12s2p at 45b was not waterproofed well enough, as a result of which two safety valves in the cells worked. This time I filled the entire battery with silicone. Test session - 28 minutes drive, residual voltage 3.4 volts. There are plans to make the case more streamlined, shorten the power cable and make a connector similar to FD2.


Thanks for sharing.
Lever latch - which product is it? For the sealing there you molded a silicon o-ring?
Connectors of the battery - which are these, how they are held in place and which challenges did you through?

Hi, is the housing 3d printed, what material , any issues with cracking ? I was about to start working on mine in fusion but wasn’t sure if PETG would be able to withstand all the load.