Foil Video Thread

Here’s a new video from Gong. Two things to note.

1: Check out those sliding/air 360’s clinton!

2: Notice his strap technique. I know a lot of guys follow @foiltheworlds theory of back foot in the strap first. This guy is on the Kai Lenny train of back foot 2nd. The strap appears to be setup for turns and then he takes his back foot out for pumping.


Yeah I watched it half speed and it looks like he always drops in with foot in front of the back strap. Also saw he pumps with it out. He’s from a heavy wind-sport family so the reliance on the front strap tracks with that. Some of their wing boards don’t even have back straps.

Damn he’s a good surfer. Those 360’s are bananas.

Oh and we can tag @Steamroller on this board!

That’s awesome… he’s dragging his foot to slow down and let the wave catch up?

I know this is off topic, but it’s a cool video, where the guy is using straps on an efoil:

Apparently he installs NSI surface mounts aftermarket.

As a DIYer, what do you think of these NSI mounts? I’m looking to put them on my 48 carbon boards (47x22x4", 75 liters or so, 13 lbs without electronics). I would prefer some sort of track system so they were more adjustable, but haven’t found anything that works. Any hints from the surf foil / strap world?

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Wow, he is good! Easily one of the top foil wave riders out there. I can’t wait to see where he will progress to in another 10 or 20 years when he develops more experience and strength.

I am used to riding with just a front strap on my foilboard, but I often go strapless too. If you want me to test a design out on my board, I would be happy to. Tracks seem pretty tricky. Generally the straps are large and loose enough that it still gives you a good amount of space for foot placement. Also, even foam hooks would be nice.

Since the track idea isn’t likely, I’m thinking to put several NSI mounts in the lid, so that straps could easily be placed and adjusted. That’s tricky though, as I I’m sure that foot placement is fairly subjective on the efoil. Also I need them on both sides for regular vs. goofy? There’s a lot of spots to place the mounts…

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I was thinking that was a genius idea right up until that last fall haha. I hope he hasn’t taken the prop guard off yet.

I don’t use straps myself but lots of prone guys do before they get boards with tracks built in. They’re supposed to work pretty good. Make sure you clean your board real good before sticking them on. You can peel them and then reconnect them with contact cement too. Or stick them back down when they pull off.

I say go for it! If you want to make a ghetto track system and don’t mind spending the money just put 2 or 3 next to each other in a line to make stick on tracks. Once you get the position dialed I doubt you’ll need to move the straps much. I’d personally just notice your foot position when cruising and then place them as close to that position as you can.

Also the Lift efoil riders in the LosAngelesFoilClub whatsapp thread I’m in, say the lift 150 surf wing with the prop shroud removed makes it so good in the waves.

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The lid takes up most of the board on the 48 and it’s the same size lid for the 56. I planned on embedding the mounts into the lid, not as an add-on. So I think it’s more like a “ghetto track system”, but I wouldn’t want to call it that… hah.

NSI stuff is pretty strong. I’ve used it for handles in pretty heavy surf. If you’re embedding the real mounts then you can get the longer ones and have a lot of leeway to move straps.

There will likely be a strap thread on here soon. I want to hear more about positions. I’ll try to get one going.

i thought i was getting pretty good at this foilsurf pumping stuff…wrong…turns out all this time ive been brute forcing it all the way and there is an easier more elegant way to do 4 for 1s…where you dont almost pass put at the end of a long run of waves…OK …time to do some studying!..thanks for posting this😁

Hit the brakes…he’ll fly right by!..

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I don’t know all the rules to the forum yet. More top gun foil videos please. Can you make a top gun foil Instagram account actually? Haha

Here’s more examples for people who don’t know what I’m talking about.

What’s the one keola has of you two. A nascar movie right?

i turned it into ANOTHER TopGun movie…haha…TopGun is pretty much the best movie EVER!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I like this one, exactly what surf foiling is all about for me :

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exactly!..everybody out having fun TOGETHER :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m not sure I quite “get” big wave tow foiling. He passes a jetski at one point though. HOW FAST MUST HE BE GOING!

Oh and according to a beachgrit article there were fights in the channel between tow drivers and teams over who cut off who. LOCALS ONLY!

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All you tech guys on here should like this channel. He’s a guy who lives on a lake in NY. He breaks down every aspect of lake foiling. Here’s a video on the AXIS 19mm mast vs 16mm mast.


Video of a wing breaching but not falling out of the sky.