FreeRChobby 66160

Hello guys.
I bought 66160 motor from freerchobby site but it turns out that they advertise it incorrectly motor is actualy 66146.
That include nose cone with seal in measurement.
Flipsky and maytech dont include that part of the motor in their measurements.
Do you guys think this motor will still have enough power for efoil?

Sorry forgot to add link

I would think that motor should work fine, I’m using a flipsky 65121 inrunner (smaller version of the 65161 with about half the torque 5 n/m vs 9 n/m) Rated for continuous 2000 watts and peak 3700. My weight + foil board is 119kg. I’m powering it with a 48v li- ion battery and the flipsky 75100 ESC.

Your motor says it can handle 6000w continuous sand 8500w peak. So I’d say it will work. My biggest problem was finding a propeller that works well, but you motor’s specs look very similar to the 65161.

That’s an achievement to get up with that low torque. What propeller did you end up using? And which foil do you have?

Did you at least ask for the screw shaft?


i was thinking i will get threaded shaft becouse of this statement but no i got shaft with key…
Thare was no option to select witvh shaft to get.
Now i modified my 3d printed fliteboard copy propeller to fit this shaft and after summer is ower i will go to maschine shope to make me a tread on this shaft.

Just above:

FreeRChobby is a manufacturer, an advantage over Flipsky, Maytech, … who are trade companies.
So FreeRCH can launch the small batches they want.

Can you provide some picures of the motor and lets ask @rttn if he got the same?

@Larsb I’m using an 8’ paddle board, initially I tried a smaller board that wouldn’t work with the amount of power I have. A Gong Allvator Rise M70, 80cm mast, and an old 1950’s 2- blade 9-spline shaft propeller 7"x4 3/4" pitch that I found on eBay. I cut it down down to 6" (150mm) diameter. The motor came with the 7.5"x7" BA prop that I modified several times with no success. I have several videos with VESC data on my build thread if anyone is interested.

The side headless screws that secures the bottom cover, I advise you to replace it with ordinary screws, otherwise water may enter the motor.

Thanks i did that allredy.

Can you provide some pictures of the motor?

What exactly do you want to see in the photos?

Motor is exactly the same as in pictures on freerchobby website.
What part of motor do you want to see.

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Especially for you, I disassembled the motor and took a photo from the inside so that you can see for yourself whether it differs from other motors. If you need another photo, then just tell me, I have another motor from freerchobby.

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What is the diameter for this stator? Do you have photos of rotor?

63 mm.

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Nice! What is the stator length? And rotor diametr? How many magnets have rotor? The winding is very interesting?

The rotor has 8 magnets, diameter 35 mm. Stator length 92 mm.

This motor is not for Efoil.