Hisun efoil remote mods anyone?

I am helping my friend @LAHISurfDoc to make his Hisun efoil rideable. Their up/down increment remote is not working reliably which makes it hard to ride this efoil.

Has anyone successfully connected a regular PWM remote/reveicer to the Hisun efoil?

I’m interested in seeing this setup. Can you post pictures?

Maybe you can just use a Maytech remote.

That’s what we are thinking. I have no pics sorry, maybe @LAHISurfDoc has some. They have a 4-pin data cable from the ESC to a little sealed and embedded box in-front of the hatch. We didn’t try to open that box yet, I assume the receiver is in that box. The display for battery status is next to that box and it seems to be also fed from this data cable. A quick voltage measurement on the 4 pins only gave me the total battery voltage (10S). I was hoping the 4 pins would be GRD, 5V, full battery voltage and PWM - then I could have just hooked up the Maytech or other receivers near the ESC where the plug is without breaking that sealed box open. Maybe still possible if one of the pins is PWM, we just need a BEC to get the 5V. Any insights welcome.

I’d say open up the sealed boxes and create a “Hisun e-foil” thread! :grin:

I just did a quick Google search and many customers complaining about that terrible controller.

A thread with pics might help someone else who made the mistake of buying this product. Thankfully, anything is fixable as you know. Worst case scenario it will need an ESC and remote / receiver I’m thinking…

Wish I had some first hand experience with those to be of more help. maybe someone else will chime in. Good luck!


I can try to do it this evening.
On my side, the 2 buttons remote works pretty fine. It’s not very precised but it does the job.
I’ve just had headache trying to unmount it to change/check battery. One of the screw did not come as expected but Hisun sent me many spare parts (for free).

I’d love to find a way to connect Maytech remote on it, it would allow me to switch to another lighter board.

Are you referring to this piece of junk?

Wow. That looks terrible… Seriously? That’s an e-foil board remote?

Yeah!!! and it works :upside_down_face:

Here is the tiny internal chip from the remote

As far as i know Hisun has tried to work out the Maytech remote v2 but they stopped development (for reason that i do not know). They’re working on their own new remote.

What a disappointment… :sleepy:

Just dig it out. That potting material is usually pretty easy to get the components out of. You’ll probably find water got in, and signs of corrosion. I would have filled the box with corrosionX and sealed it up!


Hi mattgalic,
i sent you message in facebook - ls reply.

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Here is the receiver. I’m not sure what is managed through it (battery lcd, magnet switch?).
So questions now are:

  • is it possible to use a different remote (Maytech?) with actual receiver
  • is Maytech receiver could replace this one ?
  • is a complete mod (esc/receiver/remote) is the only way to upgrade the Hisun?
    Thanks for helping

Hisun uses an ebike controller and you won’t get pwm working with a standard Rc receiver.
He can use a 433mhz garage remote and program that to the board. Can’t recall how you do off the top of my head, I think you plug in the battery while hitting a button on the remote.
Other option if you can figure out what the wires are. You should have positive, negative and a 0-5v going to the controller. Usually red, black and green. Sometimes green is brown or white - that’s the signal wire. You can get a converter that changes pwm to 0-5v. Look for PT01A on Ebay. Like $6. I wanted to use that setup for a wake winch build, still procrastinating that project.
Still think an ebike controller is a better option for efoil. Also like the step speeds of hisun remote. It’s cruise control and helps you stand up without accidentally goosing the throttle.

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That was helpful @Dirkdiggler thanks. I am still trying to help my friend @LAHISurfDoc to revive this beast and hook up his new PWM remote. I got a PWM to 0-5V converter. I would like to leave the potted electronics in the front untouched and instead intercept the data cables at the 4-pin plug next to the ESC. So the 4 cables are as follow:

  • Ground
  • +36V always
  • +36V when mag switch is on
  • 0-5V controllable with the Hisun garage door opener

Now I hoped that I could just disconnect the 0-5V cable and drive it with the 0-5V output of the new controller/receiver/converter contraption. Problem is that the system doesn’t like that wire to be disconnected, the power display won’t light up unless it’s connected. A safety mechanism?

Thoughts about leaving it connected and feeding the 0-5V in while connected?

That’s weird. Don’t know why it does that. Yes, I would just add the 0-5v signal. Just be careful! Mine has the silver motor controller and I know the second gen is black. I am pretty sure there is a typical hall throttle wiring on the silver controller.

Is that what your receiver looks like?
Which wires have to be connected?

The esc is black so maybe the 2nd gen. I am intercepting the 4 cables at the esc plug, I didn’t open the receiver box. It all behaves very strange. When the 0-5V cable is disconnected everything is dead, like I mentioned. When I connect it and in addition feed the 0-5V in with that little potentiometer rig, the motor starts to spin but also the receiver in the front starts making a scary buzzing sound. Mystery to me. I am afraid @LAHISurfDoc you have to continue bugging the Hisun guys for a better remote. Flaky garage door opener for now.

Have a good email for them
I have tried as many as I can find
none reply

Any body have any idea on the battery pack mine are getting weak and shut down early

Also any idea where to get more magnetic cut off magnets that go on the leash

Thank you

Just google " Electric Safety Kill Switch".

Any idea where to get hisun magnets for the cut off that go on the leash?