Inflatable board MALA my second project

After a year of construction I create this post to share this new foil, my second, based on a MALA inflatable board. Pictures, STL, DXF and others of the different stages will arrive as the days go by.
I agree that the board is not quite finished, the pad is missing. But I couldn’t resist sharing these first pictures.
A big thank you to all those who helped me with their advice, especially to @nice2cu those who gave me good advice.

MALA board large model
Foil GONG V2 ( 85 cm )
FLIPSKY 120 kv motor
Propeller FR 6´
12s12p Sony VTC6 battery (the one from my first build that I put in a waterproof akkubox)
Contours of the box printed in PETG 25% filling plus 3 layers of carbon fiber inside and outside
Top in AIREX with two layers of fibreglass and two layers of carbon fibre.
Aluminium bottom for passive cooling
GEMLUX hinge
Floor lifter PLASTIMO
See you soon,


Here are the details of the weight of the board:

Board MALA : '4,4 kg
Akkubox : 10,3 kg ( battery 12s12p + BMS 7,7 kg / waterproof case akkubox : 2,6 kg )
Electric box : 12,1 kg
Motor / Foil GONG V2 size L : 9,6 kg
Motor / Foil GONG V2 size M : 9 kg

Foil in L size : 36,4 kg
Foil in size M : 35,8 kg

That does sound heavy.
The aluminium bottom of the electrical box ( 4 mm thick : 2,3 kg ) and the Akkubox ( 3 mm thick : 824 Grams ) are for a lot I think.
I hope nevertheless to have an adequate passive heat dissipation for thé RAIDEN 7 and the battery

Voici l’intérieur de l’Akubox, en fait, j’ai mis le pack 12 s12p de ma première planche, mais il est assez grand pour MOLICELL.

Fichiers de choses :

Le boîtier est imprimé (remplissage PETG 25 %) en 6 parties avant d’être recouvert à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de 3 couches de carbone :

J’ai utilisé AIREX C-70/55 pour le dessus et la trappe du boîtier en raison de sa légèreté et de sa résistance lorsqu’il est doublé de différentes couches de fibre de verre et de carbone :

J’utilise le mât GONG, le V2, alors j’ai conçu une pince de mât pour ce nouveau profil :
Remplissage : 65 %, ASA-X recouvert d’une couche de carbone noir et d’une couche de bleu.

Fichiers de choses :

@Wardy Conçu l’avant de la pince de mât avec perçage pour le refroidissement par eau

En ce qui concerne la partie électronique, j’utilise le RAIDEN 7 qui se trouve dans une boîte étanche en aluminium qui est elle-même placée sur un verrou étanche en aluminium usiné. J’ai mis du thermo-ruban sous le ZESC et entre la boîte en aluminium et le sas. Je ferai un retour après le premier test si le temps le permet (l’hiver arrive à grande vitesse dans le Jura)

I have also, on the advice of @nice2cu , moved the VX3 receiver into a waterproof case with an antenna extension and the GPS chip from the into the small black case.
The black parts on the hatch are parts without carbon fiber, just fiberglass to let the waves pass and avoid the faraday cage effect.

It is the most beautiful and best Inflatable build that I ever seen!
Very good job.
I wish I have your CFK skills :wink:

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Welcome too “Mala Club” :+1:
Greetings Frank


where did you bought that board?

This is a second hand model, it is the big model of Vlastimil the designer of this model.
But at the moment he doesn’t answer on messenger, I’m waiting for his answer to know if he’s going to reissue the MALA because it’s out of stock.

Thank you,
Do you know the weight of your complete board?

22kg… Complete


big up manu pour le build !!!

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:scream:22 kg I must have missed something … @nice2cu Has the same weight with its aluminium case.

No, with the PLA+ printed box ( after printing 1,5 kg ). I print that with 20% infill. Put one CFK Layer inside and outside and one Layer Glas over all ( also including the Aluminiumbottom) to waterproof all. The top plate is one stupid ( to heavy ) Siebdruckplatte.

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My Box is only Alu 2mm, light Lipos, light engine
Greetings Frank

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Big difference in weight already between the V1 foil gong with 65 mast:

Foil / V1 gear motor with front wings in size L : 8,4 the V2 with 85 mast weighs : 9,6kg

Foil / V1 gear motor with front wings in size M : 8,1 the V2 with 85 mast weighs : 9 kg

The V2 has a much more generous section than the V1 which I managed to sail and crack a plate … We’ll see if the weight gain of the V2 is justified by its stiffness …

In summary my first rigid foil is lighter than my inflatable :sob::sob::sob::sob::rage::rage:

Just checked mine , so far the same as you
Takuma v100 + FR : 10kg
Case battery 12s13p + vesc : 11kg
Board : 4,5kg

So I am missing the things that connect all that : aiming around 3-4 kg , will see

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Nice ! Just no light weight like i thinking… But you win space for transport!

Thanks, I would have liked lighter too, but yes this is a transportable board for holidays :hugs:. First test will be on Sunday if all goes well.

Here are the parameters I entered in the RAIDEN 7 ( Continuous current 140 A , Boost 250 A) can you tell me if this is consistent or not.
As a reminder: 12s12p ( Sony VTC6 3000 mah), 55161 Flipsky.


Absolute max current 180A I would put

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