Inflatable Efoil

Hello all,
I am a beginner in Efoil and I am interested in building an inflatable Efoil. Has anyone here already done this and tips?

Yes, see here: Another build from Finland (inflatable)
Daniels (un)geared inflatable (slowly built) - #16 by sat_be

There are some more builds,
Not easy to get an inflatable board, ask @Jezza if he is ready with his inflatable.
Mala is difficult to get in contact.
Then there is wimsi foil:
Or from alibaba: New Inflatable Hydrofoil Foiboards Foil Boards Surfboards Inflatable Paddle Hydrofoil Boards 5ft-8ft - Buy Inflatable Surfboard,Inflatable Foil Board,Hydrofoil Board Product on

It is not so easy to build a box for an inflatble. Although my setup works quite well, it is rather difficult to get the ESC box waterproof. Assembly also takes some time, but it is really stable due to the mast scews going through the top plate. Passive cooling is a big plus but adds some weight. If I’d start from scratch, I would put the esc inside the dry zone. What works really well, is the hatch, never had a single drop of water inside, the only drawback is max battery size that fits in.

or you buy a F2 inflatable SUP foil from Lidl in Germany for only 699€ complete with foil.
Add flipsky motor +Remotecontrol and Trampa ESC, put in ESC Mast Box of add a battery that you put on top in waterproof case and you get a DIY efoil for only 2500€

Do you have experience with this setup? Are you from Germany?
Do you have information about the box from

Not really a Sup Foil (3 footstraps), not even on the F2 website but an interesting price…

F2 Kitefoil

unbeatable price… :sweat_smile:

Has anyone tried these? I’d be excited to experiment with one if I got some positive feedback before splashing out 800 euro…

Looks like Lidl is selling them.
However not for that price.

The German shop sells it for 1099,-

How do you get on the board when the battery is on top?