Lancaster Build Log

Hello all,

Long time lurker from Pennsylvania. By my readings, this forum has single handedly brought down the price in $ and time to build an efoil. I appreciate everyones hard work.

Anyway I finally decided to pull the trigger on the build. Trying to use it by July. We will see. Using all of the information I have gathered here is my first post towards the build:

I plan to buy a blank and pick it up locally from: and carbon fiber it. I want to use a waterproof battery box, a separate waterproof ESC box, and a deck style hatch to cover everything. Have not found the hatch or boxes I want yet.

I think most boards are 60-100 liter boards. If I want someone to try the board that weighs 200lbs (changed the front wing) what is the smallest board they could use?

Motor will be the flipsky 120kv 65161. Still thinking about the prop. Could 3d print… might just start with the provided one.

I have 18650s on order. Will build a 14S(10-14)P? battery. Still need to find a good BMS.

I only weigh 65KG or 145lbs to I decided to buy this foil: GONG SURF FOIL ALLVATOR CURVE ALU CARBON - MT.

For ESC:

Other parts include: kill switch lanyard, solenoid, maytech remote

I understand this is not the most detailed post and I missing a bunch of parts, but that is because I am still figuring out the BOM haha. Basically instead of hardcore engineering this, I am just going to buy all the big parts I know I need, and then once I know real life sizes, I can select the next components and figure it out as I go. But if I do not start a thread now, I never will.

Appreciate any and all advice.

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My salvage batteries came today! I took one apart.

I have a total of 5 of these packs, for a total of 200 batteries.

I am looking at charging / balancing options. I could go with the bluetooth ANT 300amp that is well known on this forum but I do not want to carry more electronics on the board than I have to. I think the cheapest option would be construct to the battery with a connector for the BMS, and only attach it during charging. Would something like this work?

Amazon 14s 45AMP BMS

And then to charge it, use two of these power supplies in series?

36V 16.6AMP Power Supply

Has anyone on here ever tried to connect power supplies in series before? I do not see any reason why it should not work at first thought.