Lift Jet - Jet propulsion for Lift eFoils?

Just saw this pop up on my YouTube feed and I’m a little confused.
Is this supposed to be jet propulsion? Isn’t it just a prop with a longer duct?

This is always a discussion.

I think that the above is not a jet propulsion, but a ducted fan.

This is what AI (not that it’s always correct) says about it, but in this case I 100% agree.

When comparing the use of a ducted fan and a jet propulsion system on a boat, there are several key differences:

  • Ducted Fan: A ducted fan in the context of a boat typically refers to a propeller enclosed within a duct. The fan, driven by a motor or engine, draws water into the duct and accelerates it, creating thrust that propels the boat forward. Ducted fans are often used in small boats and watercraft, such as personal watercraft or hovercraft.
  • Jet Propulsion: Jet propulsion systems on boats utilize a jet pump or impeller to draw water into the system and then expel it at high velocity through a nozzle. The expulsion of water creates a reactive force that propels the boat forward. Jet propulsion is commonly found in personal watercraft, jet boats, and some larger recreational vessels.

I noticed that the audi etron in real is as well a ducted Fan/prop as they have no pump or impeller but a lot of small blades. I think for marketing purpose they call it Jet;-)
So might be the way to go is a small prop with duct. Let`s se what waydoo or sifly come up with :sweat_smile: