Lipo battery chargers

Hi, Just bought myself 2 x 22,000Mah 6S 25C Lipo batteries.
Can anyone suggest a good battery charger. Has anyone had any issues with some charger? Any feedback would be appreciated.

I am also very interested in the question of Morgansteven, I am also looking for a charger for 2 batteries in 6S of 5000m 60C and I thought the loader D200 SKYRC if someone could advise us on the question, thank you

We use this charger

Works well

Hi, Anyone used this one

I use that one. But I purchased 2x 250W power supplies and 2x single 300w chargers. Cheaper and more modular that way.

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I started with this one until it failed and shorted out. So I can not recommend it. Used it with this power supply:

Right now I am using this one: X4 AC Plus 4 Port AC/DC Multi-Charger | HITEC RCD USA. Am happy with it so far.

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I got this one,

I havent used it alot but I like the fact that it has both AC and DC input. Can use it in my boat, just hook it up to the 12v battery. Balancing mode is nice and needed.



I was advised this one, but it requires more food, what do you think?

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I can recommend the Hyperion one. I have had mine from when it first came out and that was years ago. Its still going strong today

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I’m shopping now for a 6s lipo charger, I came across this one at Hobby King; aTurnigy TQ4 4x6s balance charger for $77. Balance charges 4 lipos at one time. 6A output max, so it will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes for a full charge on my 10 Ah batteries; I can live with that.


I charge my lipos outside on the balcony. I also store them outside the house for safety reasons.

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Good advice Max. Chances of a lipo fire are relatively small if used properly, but… these big batteries would create a huge problem if they did catch fire for any reason.

@pacificmeister, Are you still happy with your Hitec charger? How long does it take to charge a pair of 22000 batteries (or 4 if that’s what you do) with that charger? I’m trying to decide if I want a charger with higher watt output. The one you linked will only output 50 watts per channel which would only be about 0.1C if I calculated correctly.

50W / 22.2V = 2.25A
2.25A / 22Ah = 0.1C

That Tattu battery pack has a 1-3C charge rating which means it could be charged at 22-66A. A 600 watt charger would charge a 22.2V pack at 27 amps.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, still it works well for me. I got if from my friend, I don’t think this model is sold anymore. It is in use every night for charging for my 4 skateboard lipos, I need 2 to get to office and 2 back. My 2x 22Ah efoil batteries are not being changed up that frequently and usually also over night. I never checked the time but you are right that it is pretty slow and these batteries could handle a bigger/faster charger.

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That sounds like a fun way to get to work! I noticed you are a member of the OpenPPG forum. Are you looking into powered paragliding or do you currently do that sport? I’m excited to switch to electric, I currently just freefly but this is more convenient. Plus, the batteries and other components are compatible with both ePPG and efoil.

Exactly what I thought haha - I can reuse these precious batteries with a paramotor :). I was impressed by these guys OpenPPG work and contacted them. I am very tempted. Are you getting one? I have been flying in Europe but that was many years ago. But I am always looking for new ways to get to work. But first I want to efoil to work, it’s a 7 mile ride along the Santa Monica shoreline.

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Yes, I ordered an OpenPPG! I’ve been dreaming of both electric hydrofoil and electric paragliding for many years now and this year both dreams may be realized! One of which thanks to you’re inspiration.


hi @pacificmeister

I need to change the charger and the X4 hitec seems good but when you charge lipo, could you put 200 w on one port ? or it’s 4 x 50w and we can’t modify.

50W per port. Independent outputs. Not very fast but better for the batteries.

I use a very simple setup: A meanwell power supply with 1kW rated, 1,2KW doing. And a BMS ZLA13 for 12S. I use the BMS for charging only. It took a day to balance all cells initially, use a method of your choice, find your way to format the cells. The BMS stops the load if a cell hits the threshold of 4.2V. Afterwards it bleeds with some 50 milliamps to lets say 4.14V. Thats the value i get after a night standing idle after charge. If i find differences, i recharge to switch off again and again. Its a must to balance Lipo cells of this quality and this simple board has survived a lot, but please use it only for charging. There are also drawbacks: The internal power supply is asymmetric, it draws its own leakage current from the 4th cell, not from the 12th cell, so some balancing is a must. There is no processor, everything analog.