Lithium Ion Batteries

Hey Guys, Hope your all having a great day. this tread is just to discuss the LI Ion battery option and to see if there is any candidates on Amazon/EbayAliexpress.
Electric Ebikes are very popular at the moment and there seems to be a large variety on aliexpress including BMS and Charger.


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Hi @DavidC, I had moved your post to the existing thread Lipos : test, feedback, temp, - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - … but I realize that thread might be limited to Lipos and you are looking at 18650s etc… here… Opened it back up.

Hey man, yeah I’m just curious if anyone has had any experience with 18650 cells ! Thanks for the update.

I have quite some experience with Li Ion cells, for example in electric longboards etc. and atm I am planning to use them in my DiY electric surfboard which doesn’t exist right now but will hopefully come into existence in the next couple of months. This board should have a lot of power, which concludes in a need of high drain from the battery, so I am planning to build a 20S15P pack with Sony Konion VTC6 or more likely the VTC5. Both Cells are rated for 30A, but for the VTC6 only with temperature monitoring and cutoff at 80 degree C, better go with 15A. I bought both cells and currently building an electronic load to test the cells under load, to measure real values, I will document the results here later. So all in all I should hopefully be able to drain between 225A and 300A constant. Sounds a little much, but I like to design it more powerful than I need to not be disappointed due to too less power :smile:




How did your electric surfboard end up working? I am trying to design one now but I keep getting stuck with programing the ESC.