Looking for Mast Clamp Files Modified for Chinese Foil

Has anyone modified PacificMeister’s mast clamp generic front and back CAD files to fit the mast on a Chinese foil? My mast is approx 109mm long and 14.5mm at widest point. I believe several others are using this same mast and foil. It’s shown HERE.

If you have and are willing to share these two files that would be greatly appreciated.



I think these files are ok.


Fantastic. Thanks so much Cristophe!

Pacificmiesters clamp for the AXIS foil is the same profile. Just in case the above files dont work for you.

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I have the same china mast as well, its fairly weak and if you carve a hard turn it bends. I reinforced the inside of my last mast with solid alumimum plate in the side not used with wires for the first 8" down the mast which is where foil mast like to bend.

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Thanks Michion. I saw the video PacificMeister posted showing how to cut a custom mast clamp using AXIS as an example. I also saw the two Mast Clamp STL files (see pic) which I tried. Are the AXIS files in REV 3 assembly?


Thanks for the heads-up VeFoil. Sorry to hear that but appreciate the tip. I do have a good ways to go before I’m carving turns so I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Yeah, I think it was Rev 3. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one because the AXIS graphics are on the mast in the assembly.

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hello cristophe, can you send again these files

hello can you send the files for the “chinese mast” that cristophe send to you.

Hi BBeFoo,

I will send you these when I will be back at home.


New to the forum. Could also use a copy of the files. Much appreciated.