Magnet operated kill switch?

Does anyone know of an off the shelf or DIY method to make a high current kill switch? I found this thread:

and there is some info, but I don’t understand the schematic posted.

You could use @jeffM’s v4 design using a Kilovac relay:

If you have a vesc, you can maybe try and use the kill switch feature in sw they introduced last year instead?
I haven’t tested it yet, but planing to test it in the summer on one of my board to start with.

That would be bether than to cut the battery connection and you don’t need a heavy relay.

Thank you, guys. I didn’t realize the VESC had a built in kill switch. It’s appealing to try since it is easy but I do think a direct battery disconnection is safer overall.

The built-in kill switch feature has been implemented and tested on esk8, remains to be tested on efoils:
App Settings >> General. You can choose PPM low, PPM high, ADC 2 low, ADC2 high.

How to enable kill switch support on Firmware 5.03

Lanyard kill switch:


I placed an switch between the BEC and the receiver and water pump. This switch is just touching the bottom of the lid when it is on tight, Rider weight Flexes the lid, pushes the switch and connects the receiver. If you fall off it takes 1 second for the receiver to drop signal to the ESC and everything stops. It seems to work well so far. It also keep the water pump from running unless it is in the water and weighted.