Maytech Remote Replacement Screen

Hi guys,

I was recently “reinforcing” the waterproofing on my Maytech V2 remote as I have read about a few failures and weak points in the potting from the factory. Mostly following @Flightjunkie 's post about using epoxy or conformal coating to cover some of the connectors and double up the coating on the screen. Well I put too thick of a layer of epoxy on the back of the screen (my fault) and when I tried to put the screen back in the housing it bent and cracked. :frowning:

The remote still functions just fine but as you can see from the photos, the screen is pretty much useless now. Its even worse in the daylight and you can barely read anything at all. Im pretty bummed as having battery voltage and RPM feedback was one of the main reasons I purchased this remote in the first place.

I contacted Maytech about purchasing a replacement screen from them (understanding that my warranty would be voided) but they will not sell me one and rather offered to just sell me a new remote altogether.

Does anyone know if this is an off the shelf screen that I could purchase from alibaba or something and then just resolder and recoat in conformal coating? I hate that I broke this thing and would hate to replace the whole thing and just waste it considering I have only really used it one time. It makes me sick!

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Yes it is. Take a look here :
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Be sure to double check the wire connections

Oh how annoying. I sealed it too. I still have to build it together.
Let us know when you’ve soldered the little monitor in. Hopefully it works …

Thanks for the link @Sliman_O. The form factor of this one looks a bit different and Im not sure it would fit in the slot on the controller. See how it has the screw holes on all 4 corners? This one doesnt have any and the top of the screen is flush with the top of the whole unit if that makes sense.

I would love to find the exact same screen if possible so i can avoid needing to modify the controller body.

there are a couple maybe identifying markings on the circuit board part of the screen. One appears to read: 113-2R(maybe A)CW2L-001

The other one is: 131115

Fond another hint. I pulled apart the actual display from the driver board. They were glued together with foam tape and connected by a ribbon cable.

Here is a pic of the backside of that screen. More numbers! I googled them but couldnt find anything yet.

I’m sorry this happened to you.

Keep looking. Maybe you can just find the screen and solder the ribbon tape to the board.

I would say ask maytech one more time for help getting the screen. Ask them to provide you the screen part number, or the supplier they get the screen from.

But, honestly. If you have to buy another remote it’s not the end of the world. I firmly believe these remotes will not last long without modifications. So it’s worth the risk. This remote you already have is now a perfect spare (minus the screen) Maytech will probably give you a discount on a replacement.

I recommend conformal coating on the screen and screen board. Obviously no coating is needed on the screen face, or the screen its self. The goal is to coat the circuit board and the wires, and electrical connections. Conformal coating is very thin and shouldn’t make the screen difficult to install.

Good luck. And guys… please be careful modifying these remotes!


Measure the screen. The glass part. So we can help you look.


Its a little more than 26.5mm wide by a little more than 19mm tall.

Lucky its still totally functional. I rode today with it. I just hope i never need to get back into the settings menu or anything.

Its the same OLED display, its just sitting on a different driver board. You could just desolder and then resolder the ribbon cable onto the other board.

Here you are. Screen only :

Be sure to pick the yellow and blue one. Like Jezza said, you can just desolder the ribon and solder the new one. Hope it helps !

That would be a cheap fix! But, I’ve never tried to solder something that small and close together. I guess a really small soldering iron and a magnifying glass would be in order! :rofl::sob:


I already did it for the BMS of my m365 scooter. same ribbon type but with less connectors. Should be fine with a good soldering iron.

Thanks guys. I’ll get them on order. Good thing it comes with a couple spare practice screens to solder on!

Also, use some Amtech Flux to solder the ribbon really quick & properly. Never tried, just saw a video of a guy using it on a ribbon. It would have saved me some hard times though :smiley:


Grabbed a replacement screen for an arduino off of amazon. I removed the driver it came with and transferred the screen over to the Maytech remote. That was my first time soldering ribbon cable and it was not nearly was as tedious as I thought. Definitely terrifying though. By some glorious miracle all 30 pins managed to get connected up to the correct spot. I am shocked and in total awe that that actually worked! Next step is to re-waterproof everything and Im back in business!

Good thing because ive got a VESC coming and am really looking forward to having current, temp and voltage feedback on the remote!

Thanks for all of the help guys. I would have never thought replacing just the lcd panel without the driver would have been possible.


Excellent work!


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It’s amazing how maytech can’t just send replacements…useless bunch.


They told me it was because the screen goes through a special waterproofing treatment and that they only had as many on hand as needed for their next production run. I would probably rank this as a fairly advanced repair for the average homegamer and if I were Maytech I would probably assume the odds of success to be pretty low. But either way I would have sold someone the screen they probably pay $1 for for like $20 and then void the warranty on their remote and let them have at it.

Bahahaha, a special treatment where they all break after being submerged… They have an endless bag of excuses! If Maytech had half a brain they would start using waterproof connectors so that each component can be easily replaced. Or even simpler, design a casing that is actually waterproof from the start…

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That is how business is. Maytech’s manufacturer is protecting its business by not telling its customer (Maytech) where to buy replacement parts. Like that, for every faulty remote, Maytech has to pay 59usd for a replacement instead of… 1usd.

Unfortunately, that could be our job, recasing the Maytech electronics into a waterproof solution :frowning_face: