Motor 65161 becomes hot

Hi, I after tried to setup My ESC, I still didn’t finshed because I have a problem at the second step of FOC setup: VESC programation Included Files missing
I decided to go forward and tried to continue , The motor spinning when I action my remote control, it seems to be ok (hard to say if I’ve got the right RPM) but I’m observing the motor heating after spinning likely 20sec 5 times in a raw.
Is it normal because there is no water to cool it? I would say it is around 50C, it near to burn my hand when i touch it. Sorry to post again but nobody answered my previous problem and i didn’t found how to do, that’s why I moved forward.

The motor is designed to be submerged in water and that would keep it cool. It’s best not to run it much out of water because the over heating may cause damage. You also cannot really tell if the motor is responding properly to the throttle trigger while running in air, the propeller wants to push water. You could try find a large bucket or container to fill with water to test things a bit. Or just take it all to a lake/river/ocean for a trial.

Thanks for confirmation that’s what I thought. Tomorrow I will try it in a bucket.

It is a very good idea to fill the motor with mineral oil. It has been written many times in the forum about this topic.

Running it for 5 sec just to see if it spins is ok. But flipsky says not much more due to damage to the dry seal which wants water. But I think the too hot to touch situation is VERY bad. Must be a big problem with the parameters. If I do a quick burts or 2 on mine dry there is absolutely no warming at all.
Could this be what happens if you have phase filters on when they do not exist in the vesc. Flipsky warns you can kill the vesc if you have them on in their 75200.

Just tried with my other motor which is new and it doesn’t heat. It means yes my old motor should have problem

I didn’t know about that, i would be afraid about short circuit. how much mineral oil to fill? few drops or ML or CL?

Does the motor that gets hot spin by hand ok? Would be good idea to check the resistance of the phases and if they are isolated or shorted to one another.

See this topic

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