New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150

I think it is the second time here that Maytech is learning while manufacturing. Then I am not sure Eileen is an Engineer. Let’s give her a chance to come up with nice figures for 130 and 100 KV motors. It is always better to have two motor sources than one hoping that MAYTECH is not just a reseller.

She’s not an engineer as I’ve asked her questions and she had to go back and ask an engineer. I think this conversation is much more constructive when we say “efoils need 100kv, no gearbox, can you make that happen?” rather than shitting on the vendors. Based on @MauiMan post they do make a 100kv looking at the picture. I doubt that uses a gearbox.

the best way is testing…:wink:


May I ask if you"re fully satisfied with your direct drive motor ? :wink:
Por cierto, ¿qué KV y qué marca es? :thinking: :wink:

Well my selection was 100 Kv 5000W Maytech, I will test in a few days. Looks good on my hand but I prefer to play in the water.:blush:


I think we ask for too much , low kv , high amp , small size , and cheap…

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What made you go with maytech over the reacher motor?

Guarantee, confidence, price, communication, fast shipping…I´m very happy with Maytech parts, ESC (300A ESC is an incredible ESC for efoil), Vesc, remotes, etc, etc and I prefer testing with this confidence. I hope you understand me.:blush:

Price? It’s almost $200 more expensive than reacher, and reacher are the original manufacturer’s. Or have you been given a test unit or special price?

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Everyone can buy the motor they want. I will test this one and I explain very well why in my last post. I hate the discussions about price. Sometimes the price is not the only important to me.:blush:

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Firstly while the price may not be important to you personally, it is very important to others which is completely fair. Hence why it always comes up.
Secondly if I watch your latest videos on YouTube, you are including maytech logo’s. This would indicate that you are either being sponsored to promote their items or are receiving some discount to do so. This puts a context on the reviews.


Do You have evidence of reacher manufacturing it?
They can both buy the same lamination rotor stator to a company and assemble it .
They can also have different lamination and or copper resulting in different motor specs,
Example I bought the motor from surpass hobby, 120kv and 160kv are totally different the stator rotor has different inner diameter pole counts etc

REACHER or MAYTECH : Beside price, REACHER is working well ?

I can receive discounts from different companies for my long and hard work on my YouTube channel :wink:, but you are wrong with me, I will never lie about reviews because this is lying to oneself. And I’m not the only one who can make reviews.

I asked Eileen if Reacher and Maytech are the same motor and she said no, but the motor is not made by me, I think is better you ask this question to Eileen. I’m only interested testing this motor and compare with my past efoil systems.


Thank you virus for you feedback about this motor. can’t wait to see your datas :wink:

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Haha, I never said you lie about your outcomes and I agree you work hard on your YouTube channel.
The different context simply means that sometimes, some people can be biased of there’s an incentive involved.
If you look at the two motor casings, you can see that they are manufactured by the same company. It is possible that reacher is purchasing from a different manufacturer as well.
I am very interested to see the results from that motor. I have been riding the flying rodeo direct drive which has plenty of power even at 12S. It’s slightly wider and shorter than this motor.

On May 16, I negotiated a custom motor with Eileen.
Days later, she literally wrote me: “we will start to make windings today”.
I don’t know if this motor is really winding by Maytech, I think yes but I live in Spain, I’m not a chinese spy :grimacing:, I only can say that my order was for a custom motor. 100kv and 5000W Maytech

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Hi MauiMan, do you know if the back of the motor where the wires come out is waterproof / sealed?
Has anyone tried this at all yet?

Voltage: 6-40S
KV (RPM/V): 100
Current @8.4V without Loading: 1.5A
Max power: 9800W
Peak Current: 300A
Efficient: 98%
Max Torque @ 60% : 10N.M
Rating Power: 8900W
Weight: 2.5kg
Diamention: 65mm *161.5mm
Wire length: 300mm including connectors
Connnector: 6.5mm

KV can be customized. Direct drive efoils use low KV; Some non-direct drive efoils and jetboards need high KV.

In addition, our company haven’t had any cooperation with Reacher.


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