NEW DIY Foil Drive Assist KILLER from Austria

I don’t like or trust BMS at all. Therefore, the battery for my fd v2 version will look something like this. Which version of vx3 did you use, regular or vx3 pro?


I use the regular vx3. Connection quality is amazing! What is your 12 pin Connector?

Consider thermal issues in your material selections. Pot all electronics all around.

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This is a balancing connector for an 11s battery. I would have preferred it to be smaller, but unfortunately this is the only one I have found in a waterproof version

What power connector is that?

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any way to get that power connector to the US, I google it and it only comes up on Russian aliexpress

Added a front to the travel battery box:


how thick is your aluminum?

2mm (for the second prototype with replaceable battery, etc.)

Love your simple concept. Avoiding mechanical stress/load from foil! Where did you get that aluminium box?

Tested ? Do you feel a difference during touch downs ?


Tested yesterday. Works very good.
I will do some test videos on the weekend. Weather forecast looks good…


Perhaps @lishine or @Larsb can answer a design question on this gen2 concept. My understanding is that cable from batteries to Esc should be short to avoid surges that may kill the mosfets on the esc?

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I’ve heard the same thing. I’m not really expert but I believe it’s about inductance, and having longer length of wire means more inductance. I won’t try to explain inductance because I’m a mechanical engineer working on steam cycles and I despise this sort of thing!

I can only tell from electronics point of view and I guess the problem is this (I may be wrong):
Battery is like a large pool dampening everything. Line acts as an inductor at PWM frequency. The larger it is , the more chance to get self oscillation at the ESC input.

Well, several esc manufacturers recommend additional capacitors if the wires from battery to esc are more than 30 cm or so. To minimise inductance you should keep the loop area as small as possible so bundling the wires tight together will improve the situation. There’s a long thread on this over at rcgroups


Here is a short video with the “travel battery box” and the new front.
Touchdowns are not the issue, but my pump skills are…
It is really hard for me to gain speed with pumps.
I am currently using a low aspect gong wing with 1900ccm which I used to learn wing foiling last year.
I want to make a switch of my foil gear soon.
Any recommendations are welcome!

I plan to use the following for mobile charging my 12s batteries:
DC-DC Step up converter 10-60V bis 12-97V 1500W 30A

Does anyone have experience with it?